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Halo by Eric S. Nylund
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Sep 29, 2008

it was amazing

The main conflict in this book is the eminent threat of total annihilate witch the "Covenant", a race of aliens seek to induce by activating halo, a ring that inhibits life and also has the potential to completely destroy the universe, and how the United Nation Space Command, "UNSC", Plan to stop them. lieutenant Kurt Ambros, a super solider strait out of the "SpartanII program" was selected to train the next generation of Spartans how to work together to complete and survive suicide missions. The SpartanIII's in Alfa company were almost completely wiped out because of a mission that took a turn for the worst, where as only two SpartansIII's, Tom and Lucy limped away with there lives, and after an extensive process they were hand picked by lieutenant Ambrose to assist in training the SpartanIII's in Gamma Company. During their final challenge, the Spartans confronted unknown hostiles that protruded from a close of region of the planet where a patrol of soldiers had disappeared, and they must survive this unknown threat before they can continue there main objective. The one thing that I've noticed that most of the characters seem to have in common is their compromise in protocol when they come across an opportunity to better ensure the survival of the human race. This book reminds me a little of the TV Show Star Trek, mostly because they both have protocols to follow. Another similarity in Star Trek they do break the rules some times, but the one thing that they stay true to is their main objective, to preserve both Human and sentient life throughout the universe. In halo its Destroy all covenant forces. The only thing that can tie the subject of dismissing protocol in modern day society is corruption within the military or government. I do enjoy reading this book and, mostly because of the action that takes place in the storyline. I would recommend Halo Ghost of Onyx to any hardcore Halo fans.

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