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Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers
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Jun 01, 2012

it was amazing
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All the gifs cannot describe how awesome this book was.

Minor Spoiler. Just one. If you don't want to know who the knight was, don't read on. But we were all expecting it.

I have to admit, in the beginning, I was a little unsure of how this was going to turn out. One, I forgot kind of what happened in Grave Mercy, and two, I was a little confused. But 20 pages later, I was sucked into the absolute insanity that was Dark Triumph.

Let's take a moment to appreciate what a total badass Sybella is. He character was beyond amazing. Her past was by far one of the most awful I've ever read in a book. Her character slowly did change into a warmer Sybella, with the help of a knight who I practically fell in love with myself.

We all admit that we thought it was Beast who was going to be the knight. AND I WAS RIGHT! Who says the "knight in shining armor" (punny) always has to be gorgeous. He was beautiful, actually. He was kind, protective, broken, and freaking hilarious. *dies from Beast's perfect imperfectness*

This book was stuffed with action. But along with the action were some holy mother of all twists that I did not see coming for the life of me. That last quarter of the book got me. I was so not expecting any of that. I can't even begin to list some of the chaos that happened because there's too much and my words won't do it any justice. I died like, 8 times from the craziness. I was like "Holy crap!" and then as soon as I'd start to recover LaFevers would throw in another twist that succeeded in making me flail on the ground for an hour. Ha! Kidding. (It was 2 hours)

The characters in this book were like real people. (Yay Ismae and Duval for showing up!) Even the sick psychopaths who I wanted to strangle myself added to the book in a way that may have been disgusting and terrible, but the book wouldn't have been nearly as good without them. Dark Triumph had a brilliant story. I know that all books are "thought out", obviously, but this one just seemed so much more ... I don't know. Planned out? Prepared? The story never ceased to interest me. The book kept moving forward, you know? Nothing was repetitive. Once a problem showed up, the characters would go their way to try and fix it. There wasn't any hanging around in this book. JUST READ IT AND YOU'LL UNDERSTAND

This book's ending was literally the perfect way to end it. I loved the last paragraph, I loved the way Sybella's character changed, and I love Beast. SO MUCH. It was packed with action until the very last chapter. The ending was sweet, lovely, and also funny. Which makes it that much better.

So, all in all, this book was suspenseful, heartbreaking, action packed, with a little hint of romantic, all tied together with LaFever's phenomenal writing and amazing characters to go with it. I loved this book, and I cannot freaking freaking freaking wait for Mortal Heart with ANNITH. *dies*

I love you, LaFevers! And I love your last name.

Dark Triumph,

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Amanda It's Beast for sure! That's my bet...

Julie Ahh that would be awesome! Who says the "love interest" has to be super attractive all the time! :P

Amanda Well, according to Ismae, he's a wonderful kisser. That's got to make up for something!

Julie Haha! Of course. :P

Riah Fox I agree! I bet it is Beast! I'll be so happy!

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