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Weddings Under a Western Sky by Elizabeth Lane
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Jun 01, 2012

really liked it

Actually rated 4.5! Taken from my review at

The Hand Me Down Bride by Elizabeth Lane

When her longtime fiancé Charlie did not appear at the station to pick her up, Arabella Spencer wondered why. After all, he had sent her the ticket and knew she was arriving. But finally, a gruff stranger appeared to take her to her new home. Along the way, they ran into problems, but she was happy to finally see the home that her fiancé had said he was building for her. That is, until a beautiful young blonde stepped out on the porch and her fiancé introduced the woman as his wife…his pregnant wife.

When Stewart McIntyre first built his house, he had plans to one day marry, but that had never happened. So now he has come to accept his bachelorhood as a permanent state. Besides, what woman would want a former war hero with a scarred face and body? After Charlie had ruined Stewart’s sister, Sally, getting her pregnant, Stewart had forced him to wed her. But it was up to Charles to share that bit of news with his fiancé. Stewart had not been happy to have to pick up Arabella, but he had to admire the red head’s spunk and had to admit she was pretty.

Determined to be on the next stagecoach as soon as the road was no longer washed out, Arabella soon finds herself attracted to Stewart when an accident lands her at his home for the night. Perhaps there had been a reason why her previous plans had not worked out. Could rancher Steward be happy with this hand-me-down bride?

A sweet romance, THE HAND-ME-DOWN BRIDE by gifted author Elizabeth Lane is a heartwarming, emotion-packed historical romance. This story shows that sometimes the greatest love can be found when you least expect it and that sometimes things happen for a reason. Out of the heartbreak, Arabella sees her fiancé in a different light and she finds her true love. A wonderful way to start out this delightful book!

The Bride Wore Britches by Kate Welsh

With her father’s death three years ago and the new railroad bringing strangers to town, Rhiannon ‘Rhia’ Oliver, a sheep rancher, had no one to protect her, so she had begun dressing like a boy to play down her womanly figure. However, she missed being a woman. She has loved Dylan Varga, her best friend’s brother, ever since she first met him, but he paid her no notice. Perhaps if she dressed like a woman she could gain his notice, but that would also invite the attention of the less savory men in town.

Dylan had been disowned by his father when he refused to take up sheep ranching. All he wanted was his own piece of land and horses, but his father would not allow him to follow his dream. Dylan had seen how the rift between him and his father had hurt his mother. He had also seen what love did for his mother; it only made her sad.

Not owning any dresses, Rhia allows herself to be talked into purchasing the dress she wants for the upcoming dance, where she is the belle of the ball. Dylan barely recognizes the girl he has known most of his life. She is ecstatic when Dylan tells her he wants to court her. But when tragedy strikes, will it push them together or pull them apart?

A poignant read, THE BRIDE WORE BRITCHES, talented author Kate Welsh’s latest historical romance novella, will touch your heart. Although Dylan claims he is not in love with Rhia, he goes to extreme lengths, giving up his dreams to be with her and help her. This story shows unselfish love at its finest. A truly heartwarming tale!

Something Borrowed, Something True by Lisa Plumley

Arriving at the train station to meet the mail order bride he had not ordered, Everett Bannon was determined to buy her a return ticket and send her back where she came from. The vaqueros at his ranch had secretly ordered her for him. He hoped she took the rejection well, but when he meets his bride-to-be, there is a mutual attraction. Being with her is like coming home. But, unable to be less than honest, he explains the situation, letting her know they would not be getting married.
Despite her attraction to Everett, Nellie has no plans to marry either, although Everett could make her change her mind. As a journalist, she is writing a story about mail order brides, believing that the people using the service are being duped. After explaining this to Everett, they agree to a pretend engagement so she can get her story.

Initially upset that she took his rejection so well, Everett also believes that she is smitten with him already, just as he is with her. However, a misunderstanding soon has them acting outside of their true personalities in order to impress each other, leading to a comedy of errors and possibly impending heartbreak. Can they trust each other enough to come clean? When the article is finished, can he convince her to stay and marry him, or will she leave him to go back to the big city?

A humorously romantic story, SOMETHIING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE, USA Today bestselling author Lisa Plumley’s latest novella, is an entertaining historical romance that kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next. Although this novella is the last story in the book, it is well worth the wait.

These three wonderful stories penned by three outstanding authors will lead you through a gamut of emotions, sometimes laughing and at other times, near tears. Packed with passion, misunderstandings, betrayal, danger, romance and love, these charming tales will take you back to the Wild West and bring it to life right before your eyes. Definitely a novel that fans of historical western romances will not want to miss!


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