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Married by Monday by Catherine Bybee
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Jun 01, 2012

it was ok
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Okay, I bought this book after supper and read it after midnight to the early hours in the morning as I watched sports on television as I relaxed myself in between points. When I finished Wife by Wednesday, contrary to my opinion on how I think Blake was titled wrong and the whole 'aristocracy' was being portrayed wrong, I wanted to read the next book. And here it is.

When I started, I liked it, but is the plot always going to remain the same? I understand that it is about fixed marriages turning into a great ending, but do the female protagonist always need to have a troubled childhood that will soon affect their future? That bored me. And I knew where the story was leading.

Another thing though, Miss Bybee is continuing the the mistake of wrongly portraying the press AND British aristocracy. First of all, no one really cares about the extra information about a future governor, unless he wants to follow Schwarzenegger's footsteps. And the fact that it has made to London tabloids due to Gwen — what? Blake's family is indeed of aristocratic roots and has an active social life, but what makes them so special? Why are they being followed? British aristocrats are not New York socialites. Sure, they appear at times, but no reporter on Fleet Street would put those names in the covers, much more a one-page spread, and if it was, no one would purchase it. Kate and William aren't even selling much, what more a foreign-based Duke and Duchess? Well, unless a relative of theirs married into the royal family, became Princess of Wales, led a controversial life that led to a tragic death. But again, even the Spencers don't appear as much.

From my view, if the Harrisons existed in real life, I don't think the Daily Mail would publish an article of them on their website. After all, no one really cares about you even if you are aristocratic unless you did something REALLY, REALLY, REALLY terrible (like mocking Her Majesty or going into jail) if they are not related to the monarchy. That's British press.

As for Blake, he's a Duke with an estate. That means taking care of that household and uplifting that title. I understand that he is very American at heart, but he should understand the situation. That's responsibility. I know he has a business, but with a title, it's different. Linda may take care of the household, but I repeat, they are aristocrats, not socialites. There's a difference.

But all those, I would consider what I did like about this novel. Although I did know it would lead a happy ending in the end, I liked how it took a bit of a twist.

However, what went wrong, in my opinion, outweighed the things that went right. At some points, I was too distracted by them that I wasn't able to concentrate on the story. But had I not been interested in reading this book, I wouldn't have stayed up until five AM to finish it and half an hour to have written this review first on my iPhone.

I will be reading the next book, Fiancé by Friday (if I'm not mistaken), to the hopes that it will be better.
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