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Demonic by Ann Coulter
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May 31, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: politics, whiny-conservatives
Read from June 12 to 18, 2012

(In lieu of an actual review for this book, I had some fun coming up with potential Coulter titles, utilizing her trademark vitriol and hyperbole. I posted this in June, 2012 and have since added some new ones. Feel free to add your own.)

Titles of potential future books by Ann Coulter:

1) "Rapists: The Liberal Conspiracy to De-Virginize All Women Everywhere"

2) "Warmongers: The Secret History of How Liberals Have Started Every War in History"

3) "Unintelligent Design: The Science of Liberal Stupidity and How God Made Liberals Stupid So That I Could Look Really Intelligent on Shows Like "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher""

4) "Ugly: Why Liberals Are So Ugly and Why Republicans (LIke Me) Are So Hot"

5) "Go Ahead, Shoot A Liberal: They Won't Feel It Anyway"

6) "Slave Trade to Day Trade: The History of How Democrats and Liberals Went From Being Racist Anti-Abolitionists to Rich Civil Rights Activists"

7) "Oops: Those Stupid Liberals Did It Again!"

8) "Ann Coulter, Liberal Vampire Hunter"

9) "Satanic: How Liberals Are, In Fact, the Living Embodiment of Pure Evil"

10) "Darth Liberal: Liberalism's Very Dark Side and How the Sith Lords Have Infiltrated the Democratic Party"

11) "How The F**k Does She Have A Show And I Don't: Why I Hate Rachel Maddow"

12) "Did I Mention How Hot I Am?"

13) "Fatty: The Liberal Agenda of the American Obesity Movement"

14) "Pinkos: How Liberals Are Turning Our Children into Homosexual Socialists"

15) "It's Awesome Being Rich, Republican, and Hot"

16) "Heroic: Why I love George Zimmerman, Big guns, and Florida"

17) "Goddammit: Why God Needs to Destroy Obama, Liberals, Muslims, Homosexuals, Michael Moore, and Rachel Maddow... NOW!"
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message 1: by Jim (new)

Jim Jannotti I'm sure she's working on a couple of these titles right now. How'd she get that second star from you, btw?

Scott Rhee While I think she really blew a gasket in this one, I have to say that I think Coulter is extremely intelligent, and I actually find myself agreeing with some of what she has to say more than I thought I ever would. My problem is with the way she formulates arguments. It's the machine gun approach: just throw everything you can possibly say about a topic out there (regardless if it's unsubstantiated), make it forceful, loud, and angry, and hope that it hits something. If she weren't so full of vitriol and bitterness, I think she might actually make good points. Unfortunately, she just sounds like a whiner.

message 3: by Cathy (last edited Feb 12, 2014 05:14AM) (new)

Cathy DuPont 18) "How Conservative Men are Not to Blame for Pregnancies"

Subtitle: "Scientists Determine Zero Sperm Count by Conservative Men---The Real Story of Why Abortions Should Not Exist Since Only the 99% Have Unwanted Pregnancies"


Scott: How did I miss this one? I might have another title later.

Coulter's in our local paper on Mondays (along with a more liberal columnist, just to be 'fair and balanced') and sometimes I can't get through her entire column. I simply can't take it, the hate she spews and absurdity of some of her comments.

Thanks for "taking a hit for the team" on this one. I know I could not get through it.

Scott Rhee Cathy wrote: "18) "How Conservative Men are Not to Blame for Pregnancies"

Subtitle: "Scientists Determine Zero Sperm Count by Conservative Men---The Real Story of Why Abortions Should Not Exist Since Only the..."

Nice one. It's a fun party game.

message 5: by Cathy (new)

Cathy DuPont 19) "Shoving the Pill Down Throats of Republican Women"

Subtitle: "And How it's Not Necessary Since Republican Women Put a Penny (and We Have A LOT) Between Our Knees...Our Throats Used ONLY to Swallow Bible Blessed Food."


And sure, I like the party game idea. You have me thinking now.

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