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May 31, 2012

it was amazing
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“…First of all, he’s a doctor. He gets a lot of points taken off for that.”

“People usually add points for doctors,” Mallory said.

“Not me,” Grace said. “I was raised by a few of them, remember? Trust me, they don’t make good relationship material.”

Mallory squeezed her hand. “Honey, Josh isn’t like your family. He’s warm and loving.”

“Not to mention hot as hell,” Amy added.

Grace shook her head. “Sorry, the points are already deducted. And taking into account his schedule, and then the standard deviation from the average man’s schedule, I figure ninety percent of his time would go elsewhere. I’d never get uninterrupted coitus.

“Penis math,” Amy said. “Impressive.” She looked at Mallory. “See, this is why a guy shouldn’t date an accountant.”

I simply adored this book. As a fan of the Lucky Harbor series, I’ve enjoyed all the stories and couples, but FOREVER AND A DAY shot to the top of my favorites list. It has everything I love in a contemporary romance – humor that had me laughing out loud, a story that flowed so well from the first to last past and characters that I fell hard for and truly cared about. Josh and Grace have such a presence on page and their chemistry was immediate. Add in Josh’s young son, his angry sister and devil dog and you’ve got a story that ranges from crazy-funny to very sweet to heartbreaking and emotional.

Josh and Grace have that relationship banter that makes all their scenes together pop. The rapid fire back and forth conversation, with little side details added in (think Lucielle and her friends heads doing the tennis match back and forth between Josh and Grace during one hilarious scene). Grace is struggling professionally, interviewing for jobs in her profession that aren’t working out, so she’s taking odd jobs around Lucky Harbor to make ends meet. Flower delivery person, modeling for a drawing class and when the story opens, she accepts a job as Josh’s dog walker for his insane pug puppy. Dog walking for Josh turns into babysitting his sweet 5-year old son, Toby, and Grace quickly realizes that while the good doctor tries to be there for everyone in his life, his family, patients, no one is there to be his support and to offer him any help.

Josh’s life is insane. He keeps crazy hours at his medical practice and ER shifts, he’s a single dad and takes care of his younger sister, Anna, who was paralyzed in a car accident that killed their parents. Josh has zero free time and most days can barely keep things together. Anna doesn’t help matters – she’s pissed at the world and takes it out on Josh. They struggle with communication and she rebels against everything Josh asks of her. Josh takes everything so hard – he tries to be there 100% for his patients but that means often times he’s not there to tuck Toby in at night, then he feels like a failure to his son. It’s a struggle for him, but it’s something that gets put into perspective with Grace now in his life. He starts letting go of other people’s expectations and starts making decisions that are good and right for his life, right now.

Grace, too, slowly starts to let go of her parents expectations of her and makes decisions based on what she wants. She’s never felt like she had her own home, never had close friends or a feeling of community, but she has all that in Lucky Harbor. The issue for her to overcome is taking a chance on doing something different, something that makes her happy, regardless of what that ends up being.

“There’s one last thing,” he said.

She wondered if he looked as good without his clothes. “What?”

“That ship has sailed?” he asked, repeating her earlier words to Anna.

Again she tilted her head up. “I just meant we’ve been there, done that. We already kissed, remember?”

His gaze heated. Yeah, he remembered.

“And it was…fine.”

He’d probably shaved that morning but he had a shadow coming in. And his eyes. Fathomless dark pools, as always, giving nothing away of himself or his secrets. “The kiss was…fine,” he repeated, eyes narrowed.

“Well, yeah.” Fine plus amazing times infinity.

He just looked at her.

“Okay,” she admitted, sagging back against the door. “So it was a little better than fine. But I’m not looking for this. For a guy like you.”

“Like me,” he said slowly, as if the words didn’t quite compute any more easily than “fine” had. And probably they didn’t. Look at him. He could have chemistry with a brick wall.

The relationship between Josh (Dr. McHottie – thanks Lucille) and Grace is so incredibly enjoyable. They have wonderful humor and banter, insane sexual chemistry and an overall sweetness that left me sighing through many of their scenes. They don’t fall into “normal” angsty traps that many other book couples do. Sure, they argue, but they still stick. They calm down, talk and don’t let a disagreement impact the strong relationship they’re working to build. I love that. I loved that they didn’t let anything silly come between them, and along the same thought – Toby’s mom. She’s discussed and Toby wanting a mom is a very big deal for this little boy but I’m so happy Jill Shalvis didn’t go down a storyline road that many books might have taken with the biological mom who’s absent at the start of the story. Josh certainly had enough on his plate already to deal with he didn’t need any added angst!

(After Toby catches Grace in Josh’s bed):

She rolled to her feet. “I was in your bed! We could have scarred him for life!”

“Grace, we weren’t doing anything. Well, I wasn’t. You were snoring.”

“I don’t-“ She smoothed her dress down and searched out her sandals, shoving her feet into them. She glanced at herself in the mirror over his dresser and groaned. Hair, wild. Lips, swollen. Face, flushed.

Nipples, hard.

“Dammit!” She clapped her hands over them. “It’s like they’re broken!”

Josh let out a low laugh. “They just like me more than your other parts.”

She didn’t know about that. Her other parts like him, too, a lot.

Lucky Harbor continues to be its own charming character: Lucille and her Facebook updates, Grace’s best friends now turning their energies on her and her love life, Grace dealing with Josh’s puppy, Tank, who really is possessed by the devil. The entire cast of supporting characters adds so much to the story, but never steals the spotlight from Josh and Grace. It was the perfect combination.

Forever and a Day is one of the best contemporary romances I’ve read this year, if not the best. Grace and Josh have captivating conversation and chemistry that simply came to life on page. I couldn’t put the book down and will recommend this story to all romance readers. I only hope that Shalvis has another trilogy planned for this series, as I’m not ready to say goodbye to Lucky Harbor.

A simply wonderful read.
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Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews  ❤️ Looking forward to your review Jess ;)

Keren I'm jealous! I'm reading Lucky in Love.

message 3: by Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️ (last edited May 31, 2012 07:34PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews  ❤️ Keren wrote: "I'm jealous! I'm reading Lucky in Love."

Lucky in Love was so good!! Enjoy Karen ;)

Keren I can't wait to read Amy's book. She's spunky!

Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews  ❤️ I know.... I really liked her in Lucky.

Britainy I, for whatever reason, can not get Netgalley to approve my request for At Last :( So, Forever and A Day seems like a pipe dream until its release. Your enjoyment does bolster my disappointment!

Jess Britainy wrote: "I, for whatever reason, can not get Netgalley to approve my request for At Last :( So, Forever and A Day seems like a pipe dream until its release. Your enjoyment does bolster my disappointment!"

Ah, boo! At least this trilogy is releasing really close together. I love when that happens :)

Britainy Just saw Netgalley approved my second request for At Last AND Forever and a Day!! Yay!!

message 9: by Anne OK (new)

Anne OK Marvelous and fun-to-read review, Jess! My anxious level just went up another notch. Can't wait to get this one in my hands on the 31st!! I'm loving this series from Jill Shalvis, who is such a great storyteller.

message 10: by Jess (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess Britainy wrote: "Just saw Netgalley approved my second request for At Last AND Forever and a Day!! Yay!!"

Nice! Happy reading :)

message 11: by Jess (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess AnneOK wrote: "Marvelous and fun-to-read review, Jess! My anxious level just went up another notch. Can't wait to get this one in my hands on the 31st!! I'm loving this series from Jill Shalvis, who is such a ..."

Thanks! It's such a fun read, I loved everything about it. Glad to hear she's continuing the series!

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