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Crashing Eden by Michael Sussman
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May 31, 2012

it was amazing
Read 2 times. Last read May 31, 2012 to June 9, 2012.

This is not a book I would normally have encountered, but I was fortunate to receive it free in return for a review.

I found it absolutely enjoyable to read. It is fast-paced, a page-turner and extremely well-written, to boot.

The book is a sort of thriller/allegory, whose protagonist is a maladjusted 17-year-old called Joss, misunderstood by his parents, who themselves seem to be maladjusted, particularly his mother. However, he is adored by his 5-year-old sister, Callie. He’s mobbed by a fellow student whose sister, Alessa, he previously disfigured in a fire.

The action gets going when Joss gets a head injury in a freak accident and begins to hear a comforting “Om” sound, almost like a choir of angels.

Joss’s delinquent behavior begins to improve after hearing this sound, it being difficult for him to act badly when feeling so blissful.

Shakti, the girl responsible for his accident, turns out to be investigating, together with her boyfriend Seth, something called the Shankman Frequency which she thinks is the primordial vibration of the universe, and guesses that this is what Joss is hearing. Shakti and Seth begin to distribute PDVs (Primordial Vibration Devices) that enable all those wearing them to experience the OM-bliss, talk to animals and gain special powers.

There’s love interest, too, since Joss has the hots for both Shakti and Alessa.

The book has a delightful Golden Age theme that I actually found to be quite realistic, since a Golden Age is expected to follow the difficult times we live in. Also, catastrophes start to happen, as we have experienced in reality. To avert further disasters, Callie, Joss and his friends fly to the centre of the galaxy (okay, this is slightly less realistic) to confront Samael, the Creator God (presumably, symbolic of Jehovah of the Old Testament), who is responsible for the whole mess.

I appreciated the cover of the book, too. It reminded me of the Tarot card, the Tower, and all that it represents.

To sum up, the book is enjoyable and suspenseful and I would highly recommend it. Reading it made me feel better - in fact raised my vibration. I understand the book is intended for young adults – I’m no teen, but I loved it too!
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