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Predestined by Abbi Glines
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May 31, 2012

really liked it

Every once in a while, after I finish a book and some time passes there will be a scene that sticks in my brain and over-rides the previous schema I had formed involving the author. In this case the latest book has been Predestined by Abbi Glines. Usually when I review a book, I tend to be nit-picky about word choice/placement, plot details and character depth but for Predestined I just want to center my review around one scene.

I can't remember what page it's on, or which chapter it's in but I'm sure many other readers were touched by it. It's the scene where Dank goes into the hospital to retrieve the soul of a young boy dying of cancer. Not only does this touch the 'mommy piece' of my own soul because the love for my children is greater than any other love I've ever experienced but also because it runs parallel to my own belief system of an afterlife. Dank is gentle, understanding and empathetic when the boy asks to say goodbye to his mother.

After the little boy dies, I believe its Gee (although it could have been Pagan)asks him if helping a child cross over is hard. To which Dank explains that nine years from now, the boy's sister will have a son that will have eyes exactly the same as his uncles'. That the boy's soul will return to his loved ones, just in a different physical vessel. Maybe its the weight of losing a brother to a freak accident that provokes these strong heart felt emotions of hope...but it was beautiful and I would like to thank Abbi for giving life to it.

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