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Dragon's Time by Anne McCaffrey
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it was ok
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Recommended for: die-hard Pern fans

** spoiler alert ** I wanted to like this book. I mean, I *REALLY* wanted to like this book.

I cannot say how many times I have read the two original series of Dragon books - up to and including The White Dragon. I own all the Pern books - at least all the ones that are generally available - and have read them all. With the exception of the one about the stupid nasty criminals, I have enjoyed all of them, to a greater or lesser degree.

But Dragon's Time? What a disaster! It was just all over the place.

Here is the premise: Dragons can "Time It", jumping Between time. That's kind of it.

Of course, Anne McCaffrey wrote about that in Dragonflight, didn't she. So this novel can't just have someone Timing It once, oh no. Instead, it has one crazy person jumping all over the planet and all over time, ON SOMEONE ELSE'S DRAGON (who doesn't seem to CARE that she is not with her own rider). And dragonriders being in the same Time three times but I lost track and I think some of them were probably in the same place about SEVENTY FIVE TIMES because each chapter was in a different space-time continuum.

Oh and speaking of the space-time continuum. How come they can jump all over the place and the one guy can jump forward in time to make babies after he is dead and to meet his grandchildren and all that stuff and they can leave notes for themselves all over the timescale, but they can't leave one little note saying "don't lay the eggs in the sand, they will be sucked out by snakes".


Can you tell this novel annoyed me?

Also Fiona, who started off as quite an interesting character, became a big pregnant vessel here. A Special Vessel, because she has twins. Who end up riding her dragon without her. Oh except that she likes to sleep with lots of people. That is her main defining characteristic.

And apparently people who are lost Between can actually be rescued from there. Oops. Shame they didn't write THAT down in their Records. Gosh, X is missing? Mary-S--oops, Lorana must have RESCUED THEM IN THE NICK OF TIME! By flying Between Times. Again.

As a story, it was just dull. What plot there was (and it was kind of hard to follow, given the jumps and twists) seemed to repeat things that had been done before without adding a lot of newness. Oh, except that they can sleep on ships. On land.

They even had someone jump to the Dawn Sisters and think about going to the Red Star. Yawn. The low point of the original books and they had to repeat it. Meh.

I'm not done with this series - I have such strong memories of the early books - but I'm frustrated at the mess that was made of this one. I don't know whether it's because there was some collaboration between Anne and Todd McCaffrey - or even which one of them is responsible for the mess.

I won't say don't read this book, because if you are a Pern reader then you are a Pern reader. But expect nothing, and you might not be disappointed.
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