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Fury of Ice by Coreene Callahan
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May 31, 2012

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The second book in the Dragonfury trilogy starts right up where Fury of Fire left off. Detective Angela Keene had been captured by the Razorbacks— a segment of the half-dragon half-human species that humans aren’t aware of—to be used in a breeding program. As she looks for an escape, Rikar, a member of the Nightfuries—small group of warriors that regularly fight the Razorbacks in order to keep their species a secret from the humans—is desperate to save the woman he’d only met once, but felt a deep connection to.

At the same time Angela’s partner, Mac, is experiencing his own physical problems as the dragon DNA he didn’t know he carries, activates after seeing a dragon when the precinct was attacked in the last book. He too is desperate to find the partner he thinks of as his little sister.

The story itself is decent, although at times it still feels like I’m reading the work of another popular author. This aspect is easier to let go of in this book then it was in the first one because we aren’t really faced with any new similarities to the other author’s world than we hadn’t been exposed to in the prior book; which was rather jarring. However I’ve got the same complaint with this writing as I do with the other author’s. While a good job is done with the character building, they come across with the same voice due to the thoughts loaded with metaphors and the use of name brands to identify items. A couple of examples are Otis for elevator, and the brand of jeans I’ve never heard of instead of just saying jeans. It’s difficult to believe that all of these people think in the same manner.

We are still missing a great deal of information I’d hoped would be explained in this book such as the approximate size of the dragons. We seem to get contradictory information as they can swat railroad cars around with their tails yet can land on an apartment balcony or be in a regular-sized room if their wings aren’t unfurled. How long does the average dragon live? How old are these particular guys? How does the Nightfury group make their money to furnish what they have along with all of their technology? We were told in the last book how the Razorbacks use unscrupulous manners to make theirs and since the Nighfuries are the good guys, well, it makes you wonder.

And how does one elf do the cooking, cleaning and apparently the shopping, laundry, etc, since no other servants are ever mentioned and yet they live in a place that has more than 7 stories? Maybe these will be answered in the next book.

Again, the story itself is decent. There is plenty of action, humor, sex, sexual tension and emotions. The characters are easy to like and appreciate. This is an author to watch.
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