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Whisper Falls by Toni Blake
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May 30, 2012

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I finished "Whisper Falls" a romance story about a girl with Chrohn's Disease and the bad boy biker that lives next door. Our heroine, Tessa, and our hero, Lucky Romo, are destined to be together. You read that right, in case you were like "hubba wut?"...Have I intrigued you enough to go out and buy it for yourself. It is definite book club material. Here are the questions that I have after reading this book:

(1) Is it possible to have an enjoyable "romantic encounter" while having a flare up?
(2) Is it possible to have an enjoyable "romantic encounter" in the woods on the ground?
(3) Is it possible to have an enjoyable "romantic encounter" while having a flare up in the woods on the ground?
(4) Are bad boy bikers still really attractive?
(5) Who names their kid "Lucky"?

I have consulted with an MD about #1 above and he says yes but it would be messy.

This is the third in a series of books that takes place in Destiny, Ohio. The major plotlines revolve around the fact that Lucky Romo has come back to Destiny, Ohio after being gone for 15 years with a dubious, at best, past in an outlaw biker gang. His brother, Mike Romo, is the town sheriff (ruh roh!)...and is angry at him for not being in touch with their family since he left. Lucky comes back to Destiny in order to settle down because (view spoiler) Now he is secretly running a motorcycle paint shop in his garage.

Tessa (our Chrohn's heroine) is an interior designer who lives next door to Lucky. She used to live in the bustling metropolis of Cincinnati but, due to her Chrohn's, had to move back to Destiny to be close to her parents who could take care of her when she had a flare up. Throughout the novel, she is described as having a "debilitating digestive condition". Anyway--Lucky approaches her to do some interior decorating on his house in order to make it more presentable (view spoiler)---so she proceeds to decorate the house with a NASCAR/biker theme. That's right.

I don't want to spoil the ending but (view spoiler). Also, they adopt a cat that they name Bronte (after Charlotte Bronte of Jane Eyre fame--because there are Jane Eyre quotes at the beginning of every chapter. Because Jane Eyre is so applicable in this situation). I am pretty sure that is the gist of the story so I'm sorry if I ruined it for you---don't hate, k?

There are two more books left in the series, one set to be released this summer. None of the heroines or heroes, as far as I can tell, have a chronic disease--but this gives me an idea that I should make a romance series surrounding people with chronic disease. For instance, the first book in the series will have a young plucky virgin heroine who has asthma. I will call it "BREATHLESS". AMAZING, RIGHT? The plot does not matter so much so long as there is sex and a happily ever after. For my diabetes condition, I will call it "TOO SWEET TO HANDLE". Now I just need your help on IBD, Epilepsy, and Depression. I can't wait to write a romance novel on depression. I WILL BE RICH RICH RICH!!!!

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ginny OMG. Best book review ever. This totally made my day.

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