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World War Z by Max Brooks
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May 30, 2012

it was amazing

Basically World War Z is a book about the author interviewing a bunch of people on their experiences during the Zombie War. It may seem boring at first glance but do not judge it until you've finished at least two segments. You'll miss a lot if you do.

The introduction was really right on the fact that it was emotional. You couldn't help but react and FEEL... may it be anger, fear, sadness, and amusement. I loved every single moment of this. And I thought I shouldn't buy the book! I'm really happy I did. I wish REAL history books are like this. It would've been a lot more interesting. I mean, unlike most kids around my age, I LIKE history (although I'm the type to not bother memorizing the details; I just consider history as some fiction book except it's REAL). It's interesting how history has the tendency to repeat itself even though in second thought that's really depressing. But I'm sure a lot more people would pay attention to it if it was written this way. If we could hear President Nixon's real thoughts about his well, you know, I'm sure some of my friends would be poring over that section.

"But isn't the human factor what connects us so deeply to our past? Will future generations care as much for chronologies and casualty statistics as they would for the personal accounts of individuals not so different from themselves? By excluding the human factor, aren't we risking the kind of personal attachment from a history that may, heaven forbid, lead us one day to repeat it?" - an excerpt from the introduction of the book

"I thought I was ready for anything. Who in his right mind could have been ready for this?"

"By the time I realized the danger, it was scratching at my front door."

"It was a long time before I sobered up again, before I woke up and faced the nightmare."

"Most people don't believe something can happen until it already has."

"Suddenly I understood what my father had been trying to warn me about, what the Israelis had been trying to warn the rest of the world about! What I couldn't understand was why the rest of the world wasn't listening."

"They're not afraid! No matter what we do, no matter how many we kill, they will never, ever be afraid!"

"Ignorance was the enemy. Lies and superstition, misinformation, disinformation. Sometimes, no information at all. Ignorance killed billions of people. Ignorance caused the Zombie War."

"'You carry those voices with you... Those cries will be with me the rest of my life, never resting, never fading, never ceasing their call to join them.'"

"... total war... pretty common throughout human history. Every generation or so, some gasbag likes to spout about how his people have declared "total war" against an enemy, meaning that every man, woman, and child within his nation was committing every second of their lives to victory. That is BS on two basic levels. First of all, no country or group is ever 100 percent committed to war; it's just not physically possible... all of the people, all of the time? ...The second is that all nations have their limits. There might be individuals within that group who are willing to sacrifice their lives... but that population as a whole will eventually reach its maximum emotional and physiological breaking point. The Japanese reached theirs with a couple of American atomic bombs. That is the nature of human warfare, two sides trying to push the other past its limit of endurance, and no matter how much we like to talk about total war, that limit is always there ... unless you're the living dead. ...They had no limits of endurance. They would never negotiate, never surrender. They would fight until the very end because, unlike us, every single one of them, every second of every day, was devoted to consuming all life on Earth..."

"One squad against three hundred zombies. One squad led by my baby brother. His voice was the last thing we heard before their radio went silent. His last words: "On ne passe pas!/They shall not pass!"

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Max Brooks
“You can't blame anyone else... You have to make your own choices and live every agonizing day with the consequences of those choices. He knew this. That's why he deserted us like we deserted those civilians. He saw the road ahead, a steep, treacherous mountain road. We'd all have to hike that road, each of us dragging the boulder of what we'd done behind us. He couldn't do it. He couldn't shoulder the weight." - Philip Adler”
Max Brooks, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

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