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Sparks Fly by Clare London
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Sep 26, 2008

really liked it
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Right through, from start to finish, I couldn't get what was so wrong about Nic that made Aidan accuse him of being arrogant and self-centered, etc, etc, etc. Not just Aidan but that Badham woman. I thought Nic was pretty normal. He's attractive, attracted to both sexes, wildly successful and enjoying both work and play. It was other people (as he says, in the end) that were bent on telling him what he was, wasn't and should be and do.

Aidan came across like some serial-killer in the making - a geek, stuck in his apartment alone with just his computer, no friends. His whole life revolves around his programs and staying angry with Nic. He's like that from the first chapter right up to the last and exhausted me with his hang-ups over Nic.

So why 4 stars? Because in spite of my being put off by Aidan's treatment of, and reaction to Nic, there was more depth to the characterization in this story than most of its kind that I've read. The author (never heard of her till now) spent more time building the relationship between the two men against the backdrop of computer/internet technology. Though the plot did require the inclusion of some programming jargon, it never overwhelmed at any point. Just sufficient to give me the idea Aidan knew what he was doing.

4 stars because it still engaged me emotionally and frustrated as I was with these two men, I wanted an HEA for them. I was also creeped-out by Charles - I'm not exactly sure what he is but he acted like Nic's valet more than anything else - and was curious to see how he ends up (I was happy with it).

My complaint, though, is that I still needed a few more chapters showing me the results of Aidan's decision to take that risk of letting go and loving Nic. There had been so much angst, their relationship so volatile and Aidan constantly going off like a fire cracker self-combusting that after my own hectic week in real life, I needed a more substantial HEA. At the end of the book, Nic and Aidan will be taking off on a vacation and I know they're going to be fighting every step of the way.

I'm not sure if I want to spend more $$$ just to get what ought to have been this book's epilogue.

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