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Where You Are by Tammara Webber
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May 29, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: new-adult, guilty-pleasure, love-triangle, who-doesnt-love-a-bad-boy, alternating-pov, indie
Read from May 29 to 30, 2012

I did like the book. I was ready to rip numerous faces off when I was done with it though. There is something about love triangles that makes it difficult for me to whole-heartedly issue a 5-star rating and it shouldn't be the author's fault!
It's like working in customer service in an industry where people come in pissed to begin with. And your job is to make people happy despite the fact that the only reason your job exists in the first place is because of pissed off people and/or people who suck. Like insurance fraud...You get the idea.

I thought Graham was a spineless, introverted weasle for most of the book until some stuff came into play towards the end that made me 'get it.' I was just holding out for Reid FOR-EV-ER and it became painfully obvious throughout the book that he was just never going to change and be anything remotely resembling 'good' for anyone! I mean, I've heard of assholes, but c'mon! Actually, he was pretty close to what an actual, real-life guy would be. But in literary terms, he was an uber douche. To the point that he failed to be endearing. Until the very end. Which was sad, but didn't we all know at that point how it was going to end up? Unless you were like me and in a stage of denial, hoping for a plot twist that would somehow make Graham end up happy (with anyone other than Brooke) and Reid and Emma together. But that would have required an unbelievable 180, which wasn't going to happen.

I at least kind of wanted Reid to fall for Emma so he would have felt hurt as if he had lost something of significance rather than a silly challenge that resulted in nothing more than annoying sexual tension between him and Brooke.

My annoyance with Reid and Brooke subsided after I read the third book. It would have been too much for Reid to love every girl that told him 'No.' I understood a lot of the second book only after reading the third. So I urge anyone who is hesitant (as I was) to give the third book a whirl and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much insight you gain into the 'why' behind the second, as I did.

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