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Jinx by Brian Michael Bendis
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May 29, 2012

it was ok
Read from May 29 to June 01, 2012

I was reading Bendis back when there was still a Caliber Press to publish him, and liked him from the start. He did a signing at the shop where I worked way back then, and he was a decent enough guy that I didn't mind being an early supporter. Jinx was always hard for me, though. While I love Torso, and enjoyed AKA Goldfish, there's always been something about this series that didn't quite pull me in. So, I didn't buy it when it came out. I found this copy at a bargain book shop about a week ago, and figured it was time to see why this deserved so much effort when the other books didn't get more than their original collections. I still don't see what the fuss was about.
Like Bendis' other early work, this is a chatty, pseudo-realistic dredge of 'true' crime, much in the way Tarantino popularized about the same time. His writing (as has been proven by his career since then) has always been his strong point, but his heavily-noir chiaroscuro art was always what pulled me in. Here, unfortunately, both seem to be on overload. The Mametting is completely out of hand, to such a point I truly cannot imagine what made him think people would talk like that. His art is so heavily blacked that it's often hard to tell what's going on and who's doing it.
This edition adds a script to the first two webisodes as well as developmental art for a Jinx cartoon, some pinups, some brief talk from Bendis about how he does his thing(s). A nice volume if you like the story. If not, then it's a nice doorstop, I suppose.
I couldn't wait to get through this book, and probably won't keep it now it's over.

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