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Till We Eat Again by Judy Gruen
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May 28, 2012

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There seems to be more diets than political opinions and often even diets that look broadly similar will disagree on something or another. Other than "watch what you eat" opinions can and do vary.

Here, in an updated edition of "Till We Eat Again: Confessions of a Diet Dropout" the author refreshes her one woman attempt to make sense of the difference of opinions in the diet world and lose some weight at the same time by trying a number of different programmes and routines.

Written in a diary style, it is clear that this is not a scientific study or comparison but neither does it claim to be. The author hopes that, if nothing else, the reader will burn at least 250 calories off through laughter, or possibly more (but hopefully not less).

The writing style is fairly light and not burdensome to read. You would need to read this book cover-to-cover or a fairly large chunk of it in order to realise any sufficient benefit from the text as it is not overly modular in nature. Maybe a series of mini humorous essays would have been a better approach. With that said, however, it is not an onerous task to do so. You will discover pretty quickly if you gel with the writing style of the author and that will probably be the factor that determines whether you continue with the book. If only diets were that simple and clear to follow...

It is acknowledged that humour can be a very personal thing. For the reviewer this book neither rose to the occasion nor fell flat on its face. There were some highlights but nothing to raise it above the parapet of success. Yet, if you are tied of dieting and the endless search for success, maybe this book will at least cheer you up, let you laugh at yourself and past mistakes and give you some energy to go on. For that alone, it might be worth it. Take a look and see.

Till We Eat Again, written by Judy Gruen and published by CreateSpace. ISBN 9781470118112, 202 pages. Typical price: USD15. YYY.

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