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Conquered by a Highlander by Paula Quinn
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May 27, 2012

it was amazing
Read from May 27 to June 01, 2012

Definitely a keeper! Taken from my review at

Colin MacGregor is a general in King James’ army. He was born to fight and relished it, but in the past three years, most of his battles had been political ones, not born in the battlefield. His wits were as sharp as his blade. However, lately he had begun to have doubts in the king, whose thirst for power was poisoning his actions. Still Colin would carry out his mission. He would once more use the name Colin Campbell and infiltrate Dartmouth Castle. For years, he has been away from Scotland and longs to return there, but first, he has this last mission he must complete for the king. All of the information he has gathered from secret correspondence between England and Prince William led to Dartmouth Castle and Geoffrey Dearly, Earl of Devon and lord of Dartmouth. Upon his arrival, he spotted a beautiful woman up in the turrets and silently watched her for a few moments, not knowing why this particular woman seemed to affect him. Representing himself as a mercenary, Colin managed to infiltrate the castle.

Lady Gillian Dearly, Geoffrey’s cousin and the daughter of the Earl of Essex, was allowed to roam about unescorted for fear that she would be abducted by one of her cousin’s hired mercenaries. However, most of the men were too afraid of Captain Gates, who protected her, to do anything. Gillian had been guilty of falling in love and getting pregnant. She now has a three-year-old son, Edmund, who was born out of wedlock. Afterwards, her father had sent her to live with her cousin Geoffrey, since he was the only one who would take her in. However, Geoffrey has ulterior motives. He desires to have Gillian in his bed, but knows that unless he wed her first, he would make an enemy out of her father. Geoffrey does not lose a chance to taunt Gillian about her illegitimate child and his plans for her. He would like nothing better than to have the child killed and out of the picture. But he knows that Gillian would kill him in his sleep. Edmund is the reason she lives and breathes. She would do anything for him and take any abuse to keep him safe. All she longs for is to get away from Dartmouth Castle with her son and to never give into a man again. But she must bide her time. Even her father will have nothing to do with his grandson. Still that is fine, as she needs no one but Edmund to be happy. She has been writing to Prince William in the hopes that she can talk him out of giving her to Geoffrey in wedlock.

As Colin keeps an eye on Geoffrey, who is conspiring with Prince William against the king, he feels more and more protective of Gillian, who suffers much under the guardianship of her cousin. He is also drawn towards her little son, who sees in Colin the friend he so desperately longs for. His whole life has been built around battle and political maneuvers, but suddenly he sees his focus changing. Gillian tempts him as no other woman has ever done.

Watching how tenderly the brawny, mysterious highlander treats her son, and the passion in his eyes when he looks at her, she finds herself falling in love. But she knows all too well the cost of passion. Dare she hope for a future outside of the walls of Dartmouth Castle with this man she has come to love, or is he just using her for his own purposes?

A fast-paced tale, CONQUERED BY A HIGHLANDER, the fourth book in award winning author Paula Quinn’s CHILDREN OF THE MIST series, will captivate you from the very first page. Open this book and get carried away into the lush Scottish Highlands with brawny highlanders and the feisty woman who love them. The tender love that Colin feels for Gillian’s young son Edmund will capture your heart, as will the love between mother and son. Brimming with passion, humor, danger, suspense, clever banter, hunky highlanders, romance and a once-in-a-lifetime love, this story is unforgettable and an absolute keeper. Do not miss it! Although it is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. But for further enjoyment, do not miss the other books in this exciting series; RAVISHED BY A HIGHLANDER, SEDUCED BY A HIGHLANDER and TAMED BY A HIGHLANDER.


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