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Fat Cat by Robin Brande
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May 27, 2012

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bookshelves: teen-contemporary
Read on May 27, 2012

This book! Never before have I struggled so hard to decide between three and four stars. I really really liked this book. The main character, Cat, was exceptionally relatable to me. There were some issues I had with the book, but they were often overpowered by the positives. My favorite bits were the food descriptions and the faint parallels to Austen/ the Brontes. My least favorite bits were the weak secondary characters and the fact that Cat skips a lot of meals for someone claiming to be incredibly healthy.

Pace: engrossing. I had trouble putting this book down.
Characterization:realistic, faithful, introspective, lifelike. I felt like the main character was beautifully drawn, complex and flawed. Everyone else was as flat as cardboard. Cat's best friend Amanda, for instance, had no conflict to her story at all and seemed content to work her life around Cat. Matt was slightly better but very predictable. Nick and Greg were both creeps, really, even though nick is supposed to be nice and attractive. He really pushes himself on Cat more than Greg, and even when Cat says no to him, he doesn't let her go for a long time, yet for some reason this is acceptable in the story.
Pov:first person pov from Cat's perspective
Frame: Contemporary/suburban/high school
Tone:heartwarming, light humor, melodramatic, romantic.
Story Line: issue-oriented. For the most part the story centers on Cat's weight-loss and dietary change, with a shift mid way to include her romantic confusion. Although i do think being at a healthier weight probably improved many things in her life, sometimes I felt like the point of the story became confused. Cat demands that everyone love her when she was overweight, but she never learned to love herself that way. She also spends a lot of the novel relishing her appearance instead of her health.
Writing Style:dramatic, frank, simple.

Final note, Cat really didn't struggle with losing weight much at all, which was a major flaw in the story. Someone who has been overweight for as long as she had would not be able to flip a switch and give up all these foods with only a few days at the beginning where she felt sick. I was disappointed in the lack of detail here and the fact that she often had no appetite at all when she was nervous, which seemed unlikely.

Red Flags:some mild physicality between Cat and Nick/Greg/Matt. Nothing past "second base"
Read Alikes: I haven't read much contemporary/realistic YA so I can't speak much to this yet.

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