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Kind by Holly Black
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May 27, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: graphic-novel, urban-fantasy

** spoiler alert ** This is the final volume of the series and honestly, I felt it was the weakest. There seems to be something a little off in the pacing but overall, maybe not. I think it’s the actual ending that left me unsatisfied.

The city has been walled off by Aubrey’s final act and the humans are trapped among the fae but this is not necessarily a good thing. Rue’s father is losing his mind. Amanda, the woman he cheated on Rue’s elfin mother, Nia, is organizing the humans into a strike force. Nia has taken her father, Aubrey’s, place as a de facto leader of sorts.

The humans have been marked by Nia which was meant to keep them safe from fae predation but that’s not likely to happen for long. Nia is also doing her best to separate Rue from the humans. Rue is torn between her human and fae sides. She is also torn between Dale and Tam. Rue does her best to save Dale from the spell he’s under and she wants to save her human friends.

She finds out there was a phase two of her grandfather’s plan and she wants to enact it and save the humans at the same time. Over all the story isn’t bad. I did find the ending flawed (see under the spoiler warning). The art was more uneven this time with strange proportions (including Tam’s head on the cover). I’m glad I read the series. I liked it over all but it ended a little badly. So onto that. Spoiler alert




Spoilers – Part of my problem with the pacing/ending is that I see NO reason for Tam to love Rue so much. It felt like a very poorly executed love story. Rue doesn’t honestly seem to love either man very much but maybe that was to illustrate her fae nature (or am I being generous here). She doesn’t think some things through well (well she is a teenager) such as sending Tam back to this world. At best he’s 100-200 years out of his own time. Just how will he live? No identity, no papers proving who he is, no education. Need I go on? (this is always an issue for me in time travel stories too). Also I see absolutely NO reason for Rue to stay with the faeries. Yes she’s part of them but her allegiance has been more to the humans. The fae have done nothing but manipulate her, control her and bring her grief. To chose them over the humans honestly made no sense to me. She didn’t have that much trouble fitting in before and if the fae are gone and she can not longer see them, how hard could her life be? It rang hollow to me.
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FoxClouds I also thought that this volumes was the weakest and Tam being in love with Rue didn't really make sense.

Cornerofmadness Fox wrote: "I also thought that this volumes was the weakest and Tam being in love with Rue didn't really make sense."

No it didn't and in the time since I read and reviewed this, I've found the theme of strange romances with unlikeable characters in Ms. Black's work. (well unlikeable for me at any rate)

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