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Fury of Ice by Coreene Callahan
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May 27, 2012

really liked it
Read in June, 2012

It surprises me how much this book sounds like JR ward’s Black dagger brotherhood series, except the heroes are dragons yet there is something unique about this series. The Slangs, the fascinating storyline, and the humor are all epic! Coreene Callahan knows how to keep her audience wrapped and I must say I am enthralled indeed. The next book in the Dragonfury trilogy starts right up where “Fury of Fire” ended. Detective Angela Keene was captured by the Razorbacks! Her partner was thrown out the window and left for death, Riker is going nuts over Ange’s capture, Forge was also captured by the Night fury pack, Myst is pregnant and Tania is still looking for Myst and Ivar is still Looney and his madness is getting worst…. Drama! Where do I start?

The second installment is centered on Detective Angela Keen and the beautiful white Dragon Riker, Bastian’s Second! Angela was kidnapped by the Razorbacks and brutalized, but she’d escaped on her own. It wasn’t an easy fit…! As night falls, Ange decided to find a place to rest and hide out from Lothair of the Razorback clan, Ivar’s second, but Lothy can always find her, after all he did forcefully feed from her energy… which means there is no where she could possibly hide from the ass… er… Lathair!

Riker was able to track her down after Angela initial escape…in the nick of time too and saved her before a recapture. As soon as Angel, Riker’s pet name for Angela escaped from Lothair’s lair, Riker was able to track her and pin point her exact location. But Lothiar was on his way to Angel… the beginning of a very action pack super amazing fight scene! However, on there way to Black Diamond, Angel’s vitals were erratic and she was dying…. Riker tried to save her the only way he could. As it turn out Ange was brutalized, yet she has strong feelings for Riker… Worst her partner is going through a life-changing experience! Something major!

Detective Mac, (Hmmm… I wonder if his going to change his name, now that his…) is worried sick about his partner Ange! He needs to find her like five minutes ago, but something strange is happening to him. After he checked himself out of the hospital, he headed to his boathouse, but he didn’t get far because… well!

Meanwhile, Myst has chosen to play good cop with her oblivious mate, Bastian (bad cop) with Forge! The Night fury at the end of “Fury of Fire” captured forge, the sexy Scottish Dragon, because he is the only one who knows how to keep Myst alive after the birth of her child. But Forge, AKA Flux Razorback wants Gregor- Mayhem, his son or no dice! Meaning Myst will die. Myst decided to interrogate forge with cookies! Of all the things! Did it work? Find out.

I enjoyed this subsequent installment and I am reading the third book, “Fury of Seduction”. Fans of Black Dagger Brotherhood, will love this series.
Coreene Callahan is brilliant with dialogs and humor because Callahan pulls you in and keeps you absorbed in her world and character from launch to cease. This book is action packed, romantic, and spellbinding! I want book three! And I want more books from this series… NOW!

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