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One Salt Sea by Seanan McGuire
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May 27, 2012

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The October Daye series remains one of my favorite urban fantasies, yet this addition seemed to fall a little short of it's usual quality. Most of the book was just Toby going from point A to point B, then back to point A for a vague reason that didn't really seem to present itself until last second. Most of it had me scratching my head wondering as to exactly why she was yet again driving along updating every character in the story's universe on the most trivial of details, only to turn around a chapter later to do the same thing all over again.

I'm glad I waited to read this installment since I'm curious where some of the new storylines are going to go in the next book, and waiting for new releases was never a strong point of mine. I am, however, hoping that One Salt Sea was just a small hiccup in quality rather then a sign of a stagnating series.

As a total side note, considering there are 2 new teenage boys added to the cast in this book, if there was a spinoff series with the younger members of the ragtag team going off on adventures I would be ALL over that.

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message 1: by Carly (new)

Carly What did you think of the other books? I have this added to my shelf to read, so I'm curious.

Jessie Carly wrote: "What did you think of the other books? I have this added to my shelf to read, so I'm curious."

I quite liked them, otherwise I never would have bothered continuing with the series. I'm not one to ask for recommendations, so I say just try the first book (provided you like popcorn urban fantasy novels, don't try looking for any sort of depth) and see how it goes. I might suggest stopping after the 3rd (or 4th if you're really enjoying it) because so far it's just been going downhill since.

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