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Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy
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Jul 22, 2007

it was amazing
bookshelves: myfavouriteofalltimes
Read in January, 2002

Still one of my favourite books. Best written book ever. Okey, I love Maeve Binchy, but this book is smashing. I love it from the first until the last page.
You'll love all the characters, especially the friendship between Benny and Eve. And eventhough you loathes Nan's behavior, somehow you'll understand her. You'll fall in love very quickly at Jack Folley, and as soon as that you'll find yourself annoyed by his taken-for-granted-act- to our lovable Benny.
As other's Maeve writing, it's all details that we feel we really in their circle of friends in Ireland.
I love the part when Eve said to Benny "Someday I'll push down someone for you," after Benny 'rescued' her from a nasty-mouth girl who made fun of her. That's the real beginning of their beautiful friendship.
Everytime I read this book (yes, I read it more than twice), it always remind me of how valuable friendship is, and how blessed are the people who has true friends. (thanks my angels)
I also love the last two pages, especially the part when Benny looked up the sky, and all she saw was the smoke in the night sky, and she knew that Jack's face is among the friends, not taking the whole night sky.
That sentence really describe a great closure about Benny's feeling for Jack. Benny finally let him go, eventhough Jack still loves her the same (even more, I guess, after all what happened).
This book is highly recommended. For who value friendship. For who doesn't believe in friendship. For handsome guy like Jack Folley who finally let go the only girl he really love and care about, just because he took it for granted and couldn't control himself from looking around. For big girls out there with big heart that sometimes doubt about whether being virgin is still up to date.

Btw, this book already filmed, Chris O' Donnel as the handsome Jack. I haven't watch the movie (already tried to find the movie, but couldn' t find it! So if you happened to know, let me know where to find it in Jakarta)
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Kristy I'm glad to hear that others love this book as much as I do! I read it the first time when I was in 10th grade and have read it 1-2 times a year since then. I'm now almost 30! I can't get enough of it! You mentioned wanting to watch the movie--I highly recommend that you don't! The movie was such a huge disappointment to the end Benny ends up with Jack again, which, to me, sort of defeats the entire point of the book. Just wanted to give you a heads-up and to save you from a huge disappointment!

Sondang well you surely give me a very relieving insight about not finding the movie here in Indonesia :D

message 3: by Val (new) - rated it 4 stars

Val Glad to hear of others who've read the book as many (or more) times as i have. Isn't it beautiful? And yes I've heard Benny isn't as virtuous in the movie as she is in the book, which is why I haven't seen it yet.

Kimmy I can't believe how much I loved this book x I could read about eve and bunny forever I think x

Bekki Never never watch the movie. While I think they did a beautiful job casting the movie, they modified the story so much, it hurts me to think of it. This is my favorite book of all time. I have literally finished it then immediately restarted reading, it's like I never get tired of it.

message 6: by Elsie (new) - added it

Elsie How can I access the book here

Michelle Jamal Totally of my favorite books ever.the characters are amazing and you are completely drawn into the story and can imagine yourself with them in Ireland.having just visited Ireland for the first time, I'm definitely going to reread it as now u can feeel the Irish life even more

Melindam I agree with Bekki - the movie is a horrible letdown compared to the book, it's not worth watching it.

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