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A Night at Tears of Crimson by Michelle Hughes
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May 26, 2012

did not like it

THIS IS POSSIBLY THE WORST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ! Original post http://fangswandsandfairydust.blogspo...

It is unlike me to find nothing redeemable in even the worst book, perhaps if I had read the illustrated copy of this it would be one thing I could have found positive. But I read it on a Kindle Two; literally forcing myself to finish it so I could review it. I've though long and hard about this review.

The story started out tolerably, I didn't think it was going to change my life but I didn't think it would be awful. The story line had potential but storyline alone doesn't cut it. And, that also went awry with too many tangents. Perhaps if the editor had bothered to edit, or even proof, the book it would have been vaguely tolerable.

But, the following combine to show a remarkable lack of respect for the reader and leave the poor story line standing in the corner all by its lonesome.

Many typographical/grammatical errors,
Many errors of what I think is best explained as "taste" (subjective, I know but there are some things that are just gauche),
Wording derivative of Charlaine Harris' Eric calling Sookie "lover," and
Inexplicable switching between first and third person Point-of-View [even with a editor]


"This was definitely nice for an employee area, she thought to herself as she looked around....There were two ladies dressed similar to me sitting at the table,..."

"Do not ever think of yourself less than another?"

"...her head in confusion, she didn't even know what questions to ask him this was like something out of a bad b-rated movie."

"The smile that found her face took his breath away..."

A character in 384 BC named Eduardo (derived from the English "Edward," derived from Old English).

And, finally, Gak! and Ow! "Biting her lip as his words shook her to the core, she lowered herself slowly onto his steel sword."

Written with a voice sometimes more appropriate to the Victorian classic erotica, THE PEARL, and at other times with a voice appropriate to nothing, there is no question in my mind about why this is self published. Some books are rejected by publishers because they are badly conceived and written. Freedom of expression is great but when work like this appears it damages the potential for all self-published work through association.

Using the trope of the talented girl who goes to the big city to find fame only to end up debauched; this story goes from trope to tacky and confused in a matter of pages. The story makes leaps in emotional responses and action that often don't follow. The audacity of ending on a cliffhanger and asking for money for the next installment is remarkable.

The only possible redeeming note was the separate dimension into which vampires cross. It's novel and interesting rationale. However, it just pops up as needed, without explanation of the mythos nor for the appearance of a large dragon as the ruler of said vampires.

It is rare that I am this harsh in a review; however, the degree of disrespect for the reader presented in this book is beyond the pale. Inexplicably, A NIGHT AT TEARS OF CRIMSON is accompanied on Amazon by a sea of reviews proclaiming the book as wonderful. I cannot fathom anyone proffering a positive review of this when I found it to be pretty much the worst book I have read in my blogging career. I guess it shows the subjective nature of reviewing.
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Julie Hodgson Gosh, thanks for the honest review with examples..You have saved me some money..such a shame that care isn't taken to make sure a book is perfect before it hits the public...

Stephanie Dollydimple62 wrote: "Gosh, thanks for the honest review with examples..You have saved me some money..such a shame that care isn't taken to make sure a book is perfect before it hits the public..."

Thanks for your support. The author did graciously reply to my review on my blog. Thanks for commenting.

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