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The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson
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May 26, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: first-read-in-adulthood, guilt-free-brain-candy, on-loan, recommended

pretty solid four stars. there were a few little things that bugged me, but i really enjoyed this book. it took me a while to figure out the religions in the book, and to whom the characters were referring when they talked about Lord Mistborn, etc., but that was kind of fun. liked the story and the book itself, and i loved the setting. i appreciated the fact that Sanderson believes that even fantasy worlds should evolve and that they don't always have to stay or be medieval. technology advances, so why shouldn't it in these worlds, too?

there were a few things that got me. Wax and Wayne... seriously? and occasionally the relationship between the two was a little forced or coerced. also, wayne occasionally annoyed me with how he acted and what he said. he strikes me as one of those people where you just want to take them by the shoulders and be like JUST STOP WITH THE FUNNY AND THE COMMENTS FOR FIVE SECONDS BEFORE I PUNCH YOU IN THE TEETH. it's great for a while, but it can get grating. yes, you've established the character and how they speak and what they are, but sometimes authors establish a little too much. you know? i did like wayne's observations on voice and language and accents. it was pretty interesting.

all in all, a great book. i'm glad to see sanderson back where i like him most. :)

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