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Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll
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May 25, 2012

really liked it
Read in September, 2012

Mark Driscoll is a pastor who with his wife started a home church in Seattle (as he likes to remind us the least churched city in the country) that is now the 45 largest, and 15th fastest growing.

Driscol is confident (named one of the 25th most influential pastors in America), but certainly a litle egotistical and also paternalistic. This book was an interesting read..very blunt and parts I liked and parts I disliked.

1) I found Driscoll to be particularly hard on Mothers that work outside the home..and tended to belittle their careers and earning postential.
2) Driscoll is anything but boring..he loves shock value. From what I've heard at his church Mar's Hill in Seattle, he frequently discusses things from the Pulpit just to get attention. But does he do things for shock value..he discusses anything from anal sex to sex toys to role playing to cyber-sex? But maybe many Christians have questions about these issues?
3) He takes a strongly consevative view on birth control..even questioning the legitimacy of traditional means of birth control like IUD's the pill...coming close to calling them abortifacents.

1) I wish he would have elaborated more on the simple concept that Marriage, real Marriage is about friendship. (This is my beloved, and this is my friend... Song of Songs 5:16). It was refreshing to see a Christian book on marriage that doesn't rehash (although of course it is biblical) Man to love his wife, and wife to respect and submit to husband.
2) Driscoll takes a very racy (and probably correct) interpretation of the romantic poetry of the Bible in Song of Songs that has often been edited down to PG by the Church.
3) He takes a rightfully strong view against the devastating affects Porn is having on the culture and how it takes people into the gutter, darkness, and filth. It is not eventually leads to violence against women or pedophilia.

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