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Maithe's Surrender by Leontii Holender
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May 25, 2012

did not like it

I felt it best not to rate this book.

I want to start with a positive. This book is a sci-fantasy/paranormal book. The world building in Maithe's Surrender was of quite a high standard. The descriptions of Solindira were in depth and the country's spiritual lexicon and beginnings were outlined well. The character's looks and clothing, once again, very in depth and also outlined well.

Now, the not so positive. All the characters were 1 dimensional. The MC's were both quite unpleasant. Maithe, a half human/demon, was surly but needy. Astle, a prince from a neighbouring area, was sour and violent. He had previously abused Maithe's older brother, Luin, and the King of Solindira had taken Luin away from Astle. Astle was quite aggressive - this is M/M and ALL the (anal) sex was without lube, this is at least painful, at worst a physically violent act. On the second non-lube anal encounter, Astle organised a horse ride into town for the pair. Really, riding a horse after non-lube anal sex - 'his body bounced and quivered with the force of the exertion of the horse that he rode.' OMG. This was after Maithe's inner thoughts of - 'The warm water soothed his sore muscles, bruises, and abrasions. Thanks to Astle, he had quite a number of them.' Because Astle had rammed his head into the headboard of the bed! Unpleasant. There was also a bit of blood play as well, not a problem for me as there is at least one demon in the book, they bite. Just be warned.

I don't know who edited this book, but it did not seem as if anyone had, because incorrect tense, redundant and incorrect words littered the pages - 'Did his sibling really thing that Astle cared about pleasantries?' And - 'The prince's warm laughed filled the quiet space' for example.

With better characterizations, editing and decent direction, this book could have been interesting. However, it left me hollow. What concerned me most was the sex, which was not to make a point about violence or unpleasant sexual acts, it was made out to be titillating and sexy - it was not, and, it was of actual concern to me personally.
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