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Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi
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** spoiler alert ** * update*
stayed up all night, had to finish this book, best book I have read so far this year
spoiler for you so be warned
there is more Warner in this book and I loved every second, ever turn of the page, every flutter in my belly, everything all of it, I had to have more! I hope and wish for the next book to be more about these two characters who are so right for each other its wrong. please don't kill off any character I really can't handle another Ren story line, it'll break my heart!

I think the reason why so many ppl are for " team Warner" is because that's how the author perceived it! Lets face it, he's only a couple of years older than Juliette and he's this incredibly drop dead gorgeous guy! yes, evil and psycho as he may be, but there's also this tenderness to him as well, as it is written anyway, or at least that's my take on it. here's just a taste of what I mean, and probably one of my favorite scenes between the two.

His hands reach for my face, his lips for mine. My brain is on fire, ready to explode from the impossibility of this moment. I feel like I'm watching it happen, detached from my own body, incapable of intervening. More than else, I'm shocked by his gentle hands, his earnest eyes.

"I want you to choose me," he says. "I want you to choose to be with me, I want you to want this-"

"you're insane," I choke. "You're psychotic-"

"you're only afraid of what you're capable of." his voice is soft. Easy. Slow. Deceptively persuasive. I'd never realized before just how attractive his voice is. "Admit it," he says. "we're perfect for each other. You want the power. You love the feel of a weapon in your hand. You're...attracted to me."

so ya, I'm sorta lead to believe that maybe if Warner wasn't so crazy or power hungry that maybe those two would have a chance but since he's kinda on the evil side I'm sure there will never be a team warren, well not realistically. I'm thinking maybe that's his "power" the power to persuade ppl, but who knows. I will admit this was a bit hard to follow, at 1st I thought my ereader crapped out, didn't realized til I went to walmart and saw the book on the shelf that it's actually written with all the strike outs lol I'm looking forward to the second book though, I'm hoping it will be a bit better than the 1st.
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Cookie When Adam was first introduced in the book, I was like "okay he got me!" and then Warner came and I dont know why but I found Warner so much more appealing, especially when he confessed his age! Ha ha ha

❋ Sylvia ❋ Oh I felt the same way, I was all about Adam but then "wham!" Warner stepped into the picture and even though he's the "bad" I still find him appealing and it only sweetened the deal when he revealed his age :)

Cookie I hope that Juliette will give him a chance in Unravel Me. Also can't wait for Destroy Me!

Nicole Zamudio I didn't like Adam nor (especially) Juliette in this book (I hate her so bad!! :/) but I remember that in Shatter Me I was in love with Adam and I thought Warner was a creeper until I read Destroy Me that turned me around (my thoughts) completely!!! Now I'm completely (what they would call) Team Warner! It funny how a character can develop and change so fast :) to even become the opposite person or more like have a secret personality...

❋ Sylvia ❋ Nicole wrote: "I didn't like Adam nor (especially) Juliette in this book (I hate her so bad!! :/) but I remember that in Shatter Me I was in love with Adam and I thought Warner was a creeper until I read Destroy ..."

I couldn't agree more, I wasn't so much for Adam in the begging though, I'm always routing for the underdog, in this case he's also the villain.
After reading Destroy Me I really fell hard for Aaron, he was brought into a whole new light for most fans out there and with Shatter Me his character really bloomed and I agree, Juliette was very annoying and I don't really like her whole pitty party she had going for most of the book. I love how this book ended though, I'm just worried that they will end up being just friends and that Adam will play more of a roll in the next book, as long as she doesn't kill off Aaron I'll be happy

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