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May 24, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from June 02 to 17, 2012

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Holy mother of giraffe balls!!!

Official review:

What. Did. I. Just. Read?


Ok, wow. Creative does not even begin to describe this formidable world that Gennifer Albin has built. Bringing in some sci-fi elements into it, the explanations of the weaving and how the whole process works simply blew me away. When it starts off it creates a lot of questions and wonderment, but as the world building progresses, we're brought into an extremely complex, incredibly well described futuristic world where everything and everyone can be manipulated by the touch of a Spinster. It can be hard to grasp, especially if you don't pay attention - this is the kind of book you have to really be alert for - and it pays off. Furthermore, Gennifer's world building is beautifully written, making it both surreal and believable. It's also menacing; piece by piece, we find out details about this world that are astonishing, bigger than anyone would have thought. It's revealed layer by layer, until you simply cannot fathom that any more mind-blowingness could come forth - then it does. The more I learned about it, the giddier I became. I love it when an author thinks outside the box; employing some sci-fi, even a bit of fantasy, to create a world that could easily become overwhelming, but instead, It becomes impressive, it becomes convincing, and heck, I think it even gave me brain cells!

Moving on to our dear Adelice. Adelice is not an especially tough protagonist. She's not weak by any means; she knows how, and when, to take a stand, fending for herself. But, she can be naive, even feel a bit underwhelming at first. Nonetheless, I, for one, enjoyed her flawed characterization. She's a simple girl in a surreal world and it makes her genuinely likeable. She goes through a believable character growth when she, like us, begins to understand just how extraordinary the world is; how things really work - inside and out. When you've been betrayed, when you go through unimaginable ordeals, you grow up. I enjoyed seeing how she realistically reacted under this pressure.

Having been brought up with a purity standard in a world where boys and girls live in separate neighbourhoods, Adelice has never been in love, or kissed a boy for that matter. So it takes her by surprise when she meets not one, but two handsome guys that are pining for her. There is a hint - just maybe a small scratch - of a love triangle, but the scratch is really only just a scratch. I fell head over heels with the romance in this book. Experiencing the "firsts" with Adelice is exhilarating, filling me with hope and lust and butterflies. And even though there is a strong romantic thread in the story, I never felt it down-right took over, nor does it take anything away from the main plot.

I know of one person who is majorly awaiting book two. I will not be the only one either I am sure. The ending is not a hair pulling cliffhanger per say, more like an OH-EM-GEE-the-sequel-is-gonna-rock-my-face ending! Like I said, the world is given to us in layers, but so is the plot - and the more I read, the faster I needed to turn the page. l I think my Kobo sparked at one point. Point of the story? Read it. Maybe in print copy, for your safety.

Brilliant, completely gorgeous, and exceptionally unique, Crewel is highly recommended for sci-fi and dystopian fans.

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message 1: by Kristie (new)

Kristie A good or bad WTH?

Giselle This is what I just told Bonnie on my status update :) :

It's a positive what the efferz!!

It's actually a very fantasy-sci-fi world. More showing rather than telling too so I'm totally confused and fascinated. It's awesome!

message 3: by Kristie (new)

Kristie OH OK!! Well I'm excited for the book. The pretty cover is what drawed me in!

Lisa {Silverlight} {Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Reviews} I'm starting this today, we shall see how it turns out...considering it has u confused???

message 5: by Kristie (new)

Kristie Can't wait to hear what you think Lisa :)

Giselle Lisa wrote: "I'm starting this today, we shall see how it turns out...considering it has u confused???"

Lol no I'm not confused, It's like a good WTFuckery. You'll see :)

Lisa {Silverlight} {Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Reviews} Giselle wrote: "Lisa wrote: "I'm starting this today, we shall see how it turns out...considering it has u confused???"

Lol no I'm not confused, It's like a good WTFuckery. You'll see :)"

Ahh, I shall see, hopefully I'll like it :)

Thanks, Kristie, :)

Giselle This was so surreal and mind blowing! The world is SO inventive I loved it! And the ending is a major EEEEEP.

Giselle It's just so imaginative! She uses some sci-fi/fantasy to build the world and I just love that shit so much! :D

I'm even writing my review now I couldn't way haha. My mind is leaking!!

message 10: by Valeria (new) - added it

Valeria Andrea That's quite persuasive.

Giselle Valeria wrote: "That's quite persuasive."

I try! :D

message 12: by Helen (new)

Helen Keeble That is the BEST. REVIEW. EVER.

message 13: by Molli (new)

Molli Moran I cannot WAIT to read this one. :D

message 14: by ~Tina~ (last edited Jun 17, 2012 06:06PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

~Tina~ HA!! Well, it must have been one hell of a book!:D

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Giraffe balls, you say? Hmmmmmm...what KIND of giraffe balls? Adult giraffe balls or BABY giraffe balls?

Giselle Ummm, whoever has the bigger ones. Non-saggy (I mean, who wants THAT?)

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

I would say a teenaged giraffe then. Fully grown, non-wrinkly ballsack. Oh GOD. LOL. What did I just do?

Giselle *dies laughing*

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

Can you not wait until we share a ROOM together at BEA? It will be all giraffe balls, all the time! ;)

Giselle The giraffe ballsketeer!

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Ahahahahahaha! Can you imagine people getting notifications for this conversation? *dies*

Giselle I think we scared em off.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Lord I hope so.

Ikhlas Oh wow, can't wait to read your review of this!!

Giselle There will probably not be any giraffe ball mentions though. Just so you don't feel disappointed >D

Ikhlas hahaha, still sounds like a very exciting review, regardless :)

message 27: by Kristie (new)

Kristie Oh My Gosh! What a crazy convo :P

Book Whales Ohhhh. Can't wait to see your review on this book. :D I'am a sucker for sci-fi/fantasy. -TheUnseelieNerd

message 29: by Hannah (new) - added it

Hannah ACK! Great review! I need to read this even more now!

~Tina~ GISELLE! Great review! Your making me want this!!

message 31: by Lyndsey (last edited Jun 23, 2012 10:29AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lyndsey Genius! This review simultaneously makes me want to read the book and Google giraffe balls... Hmmmm, what to do, what to do?

Giselle Bahaha Lyndsey. I would advise against that. God know what Google will find! There are some things you can't unsee!

Thanks ladies! I freaking LOVED this! :D

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't know, but whatever you do, don't Google turtle penis. O_O

Giselle I'm not even gonna ask.

message 35: by Emily May (new)

Emily May This is such an excellent review, Giselle. I admit I wasn't that interested after reading the GR description... but now I'm very intrigued. And sad for not requesting it :(

Giselle Thanks Emily! I didn't know what to expect either but it's really awesome!

message 37: by Dany (new)

Dany lovely review! I want to read this one.

Giselle Thanks Dany! :)

message 39: by ♥Rachel♥ (new)

♥Rachel♥ Wonderful review Giselle. This sounds so different and amazing. This is going in my TBR. :)

Giselle Thanks Rachel!

Lisa {Silverlight} {Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Reviews} Awesome review, Giselle!! I love reading your 5 star reviews, it's when your excitement shines.

I started this and really enjoyed it, but I'm having a hard time finishing it, due to it being a pdf on my computer, ugh, summer is just too busy to sit in front of a computer kids certainly don't appreciate it. Must make time, now that you got me even more excited to read it.

Giselle Ah that sucks I always convert mine to ePub. I can,t read on the computer it hurts my brain! lol. Hope you love it :) Are you far in?

Lisa {Silverlight} {Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Reviews} I didn't know it could be converted :/ It just has adobe only, listed.

I'm not too far in about 50pgs. when the guild give her a makeover and she is acclimated into her new surroundings.

message 44: by Giselle (last edited Jun 27, 2012 08:45AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Giselle Actually I think I got mine in ePub, but yeah I use Calibre to convert.

I found at first I was a bt confused about the whole weaving but the more you read the more mind blowing it gets! Can't wait to see what you think! :)

message 45: by Elisa (new) - added it

Elisa For Kindle users, you email it to your kindle address and just write convert in the subject line. - Love the review! Hilarity and sounds like an amazing read!

Lisa {Silverlight} {Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Reviews} Thanks Giselle, I will have to check it out

Elisa, thanks :) I actually got this arc from edelweiss and it said download to Adobe only. :\

Ashley Another great review, adding to TBR list. Thanks!

message 48: by Yodamom (new)

Yodamom Thanks, adding it to my TBR

message 49: by Christina (new) - added it

Christina  Torretta Ohhh yay!!! Sooo on my TBR! :D As in the day it's released I'm running to town to get it! :D

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

I felt the same way (though i thought it was more fantasy than sci fi)

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