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Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James
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May 23, 2012

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bookshelves: trashy-smutty-stuff, romance

You know what? After the embarrassing pile of poo book #1 is, book #2 actually improved quite a bit for me. Let's not go crazy with the stars, here, but I would say I actually enjoyed it, and didn't want to burn it and then claw my eyes out/scrub my brain afterward.

...what. Too much?

More interesting things seemed to happen in this book that did not tempt my "twitching palm" (to slap the book, and not another person)--Ana was not as much of a wet blanket as she was in book 1, nor Christian as much of a douche; you got to understand him a little better as a character; the sex scenes were much better, and mostly hot (whereas in book 1 I just found them, probably due to her naivete and virginity, to be kinda gross); and there was just more interesting drama.

But do not fear, annoying things still abound, and they include:
* Ana referencing "her Fifty", as in "Oh, my crazy, sexy, infuriating Fifty. How I love you so." What? Shut up.
* Actually believing Christian Grey would use the phrase "Laters, baby," even in jest.
* Making Mrs. Robinson an outright teen-raping bully, when in fact that could've been a very interesting three-person (not three-way!) dynamic where Christian explains the importance of her in his life
* Making Jack, the boss, an outright sexual predator (hey, there's a theme!) and having him go all crazy at the end. LAME.
* Every woman wants Christian, and apparently all men have the hots for Ana, but she JUST. DOESN'T. KNOW. IT. Because she is so boring.
* Christian's helicopter getting lost. Oh please, we know there's a book 3! Dude isn't dead! *SPOILER!*
* E.L. James' inability to use a variety of language in her dialogue or descriptions. It's called a thesaurus, E.L., use it.

But you know, despite those minor issues, I didn't hate it. Isn't that a glowing review? I'm sure I'll hate the last one, and complain about it a lot, and be generally annoying, but at this point, I'm already invested. Isn't that sad? Sad and worthy of despair? Whatever.

But first! A Hunger Games breather. I need some good lit to clear out the bad!
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message 1: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay O'brien I had a couple of recurring thoughts:
1. Has E.L. James ever had sex? If so, she would know that Ana wouldn't orgasm every single time. And not coincidentally right before Christian. LAME.
2. I agree with you about the repetitive language, but there were also MANY places where the language was just inappropriate, and I mean inappropriate for the situation. For instance, Ana would not think to herself that her relationship was not the type of romantic relationship she had "envisaged." That sounds ridiculous. Additionally, when you are reunited with your mom after several difficult weeks of life changes and you are in tears, you would not say, "I'm just so pleased to see you." I could write more realistic dialogue.

message 2: by Jen (new) - added it

Jen I'd like to give it 3.5 stars. Definitely better than the first. And I'm happy she finally grew a pair and will by the end finally stopped wondering why he likes her and if she's good enough and if she can satisfy him. That part got really old but their flirtation and new love made me smile. Though getting engaged after what 6weeks seems like a recipe for disaster! I'm sure there will be all sorts of arguing and insecurity in book 3. ;). But overall a lot better than 1 but I, not sure I can round up to 4 stars. I may have to rate them all again after I finish the third.

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