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The Hidden by Jessica Verday
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May 21, 2012

did not like it

I came across a book that was Twilight but worse: a girl had a dead boyfriend, and was caught in a love triangle between a dangerous, hot mysterious guy who was dead, and an emotionally available boy who wasn't. Twilight, with stupider stakes. And I thought "My God, they're still making this crap. I can't believe a book with so stupid a premise would ever get published."
And then I found this book. I didn't realize it was third in a trilogy until I got home from the library, but I thought I'd give it a shot, because it was Sleepy Hollow and that had all sorts of neat possibilities oh god the main character is in love with a ghost. At least in the previous series, the boyfriend had at one point been alive. I literally dissolved into angrish over this book, reduced to arglebalrgleargleargh.
This is why America can't have nice literature, people. Because we hate our authors, and we hate our deep, intelligent, clever authors even more, and shove them out of line for crap like this. This psuedo-fanfiction-y crap. The kind of love that is written about in books like these is what Shakespeare tried to mock with Romeo and Juliet: it is selfish, self-absorbed love, irresponsible love, cruel love that not only injures the families and loved ones of the lovers (she chooses to die and shrugs over her parents's anguish ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?) but is so all-consuming, the love allows no room for other pleasures or identities, like responsibility, ethics, or self-expression.
And apparently folks keep eating it up, because I know at this moment someone is writing crap like this, publishing crap like this, and reading crap like this. And if literary conventions reflect societal ones, we all want unflinching adoration all the time forever and always, no matter how selfish it might be to want it and get it. Shame on the author for indulging in claptrap that was awful in theory even before Fifty Shades of Grey made it all so much worse. Did you think you were being clever vomiting up Twilight, Miss Verday? Just because it was the only book you ever read didn't give you the right to go out and put three more just like it. Incredibly stupid, just start to finish, dumb, dumb, DUMB.
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message 1: by Blondieboo (new)

Blondieboo I completely agree. The first book was decent but agonizingly slow, and I couldn't force myself to get through the second or third. But she kills herself? Come on. Why not find some magical solution to bring back Kristen AND Caspian. I mean seriously. It seems like Verday is glamorizing suicide, all like 'if it's for your dead boyfriend there's definitely no problem doing it!'. It made me want to smack Verday upside the head with her own crappy series.

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