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Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore
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May 21, 2012

it was amazing

Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore
Expect More by Dittemore!

I didn’t know until I’d finished reading Angel Eyes that it is Shannon Dittemore’s first novel. All I can say is Wow! I can’t think of a reason anyone—male or female; old or young; Christian or not—wouldn’t like this story. Ms. Dittemore gives a nod to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight: Her main character Gabrielle is immediately attracted to Jake the new guy at school—even though he neither sparkles in the sunlight nor sports fangs. But from there she takes us to the much more interesting, relevant (and scarier) world of angels and demons as they duke it out for the souls of hapless humans. I say angels and demons are scarier than vampires (And haven’t we had just about enough of them already?) because they actually exist. They’re usually invisible, of course, but when Jake lends Brielle his guardian’s mysterious golden bracelet (I can’t say more without giving away a cool detail) she gains the gift of eyes that see the spirit world. (No, not ghosts.) And what she sees convinces her her past doubts have been foolish. God is good. God is wise. We don’t have the whole picture. Brielle’s choice is clear. How can she not join Jake in the battle to fight the Evil One’s plans? Ms. Dittemore hints at more books to come. I certainly hope so.

By Deborah Heal, author of Time and Again: Charlotte of Miles Station. I received a copy of Angel Eyes from the author for the honest review above.

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