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Adorkable by Sarra Manning
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May 21, 2012

it was amazing
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The Ad♥rkable Manifesto

1. We have nothing to declare but our dorkiness.
2. Jumble sales are our shopping malls.
3. Better to make cookies than be a cookie-cutter.
4. Suffering doesn’t necessarily improve you but it does give you something to blog about.
5. Experiment with Photoshop, hair dye, nail polish and cupcake flavours but never drugs.
6. Don’t follow leaders, be one.
7. Necessity is the mother of customisation.
8. Puppies make everything better.
9. Quiet girls rarely make history.
10. Never shield your oddness, but wear your oddness like a shield.

I LOVED Adorkable, which was a relief after my mixed feelings about Nine Uses For An Ex-Boyfriend. When you read one chapter of a book and immediately fall in love, you know it's a good thing.

Here's a random-ish story. When I was 18, I adored The Smiths and a little song called "Jeane" was one of my favourites. So when I saw the main character's name was Jeane, I pretty much sang the song in my head for the rest of the book. And on page 164, someone sings a bit of the song when they see Jeane. When this happened, I basically went, "YES!"

The main point of that story is that The Smiths are just made of awesome. Depressing awesome, but still.

So this book is about Jeane Smith and Michael Lee. Jeane has a blog called "Adorkable" and has a million twitter followers. In other words, she's kind of a big deal. Michael doesn't think she's a big deal, he thinks she's rude and dresses awful. Eventually, hormones get in the way and they start making out. Aww romance.

This was sooooo refreshing to read. Jeane is definitely the anti Mary-Sue. She is not the type to fall into insta-love. This was a book that took it's time building the relationship between the characters. It was realistic. I loved how Michael and Jeane were always bickering about things. I loved how the author wasn't afraid to write about teenagers having sex. There was no "slut shaming" in this book. It gets kind of annoying reading about chaste teenagers all the time. This book wasn't about chaste teenagers! Hooray!

I loved so much about this book that I won't be able to properly gush. It was quirky and the characters had great personalities(mostly Jeane, though). I liked how the chapters would alternate between Jeane and Michael's perspective's. At first I thought I'd only want to read about Jeane's thought's but I actually loved Michael's sections as well.

So, mostly I loved Jeane. She was kick-ass and one of the most interesting female characters I've read about in a while. (view spoiler) Michael could be a dick at times but hey, realistic! It's always refreshing to read about a male character who isn't perfect. (view spoiler)

I also loved the part in New York. It was just pretty darn great.
This book was super entertaining and I loved Jeane and I loved Michael Lee and I loved reading about the odd clothes and the misadventures with hair dye and the haribo and the shower door and New York and the bicycle incident and all that.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes/loves Sarra Manning, or anyone looking for a Y.A romance that is realistic, not at all cheesy and just really entertaining. I think this has pretty much been pushed up to the top of my Sarra Manning favourites. Nobody's Girl will always have a place in my heart as well but I adored this book. J'adork.

I'm meant to be preaching to people about how cool it is to just be yourself but really I mean that it's only cool to be how I want you to be and what do I know about anything? I know nothing.
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