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Chosen by Ted Dekker
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May 21, 2012

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The Forest Dwellers are at war with the Horde, evil, diseased creatures who live in the desert. But the Horde outnumber the Forest Dwellers, 400,000 to 10,000, so the Forest Dwellers are forced to drop the recruitment age to 16. When this happens, the commander chooses four of the new recruits to become leaders. But some odd fluke, Johnis becomes one of those leaders. Despite the fact that he'd already been dismissed. The other leaders think he's a joke, so when they are given a mission, they really don't take him seriously. But then, Johnis meets two legendary creatures called Roush, who tell him he has to find the seven books of history. Of course, the others don't believe him, and they get in all sorts of trouble in a giant battle between Good and Evil.

It was... okay. It wasn't a bad book, the characters were fine, and the writing was decent. But honestly, that's all. Johnis tends to be a little bit of an annoying character, and I can't really pin down what sort of guy he is, though we're told repeatedly that he's a "poet, not a fighter." But beyond that... he's sort of empty. Yeah, he lost his mother and he'd like revenge, sort of, but not too much. He's all for keeping these books of history out of the evil guy's hands, but there's never any sense of real urgency. I kept waiting for some sort of event that would make Johnis 'click', and turn him into a real, strong character. But it never happened. And it never happened for the other characters either. The other three leaders, Billos, Darsal, and Silvie, are just as flat. In fact, we learn so little about Billos and Darsal that they seem more of incidental side characters without any real impact on the story.

I know it's a series, and more will probably be revealed later on, but there was nothing about the story or the ending that made me want to run out and pick up the other books. It's a decent book, but that's all it is.

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