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Virals by Kathy Reichs
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May 21, 2012

liked it

** spoiler alert ** Virals was a pretty well written book. It was worth reading but there were a couple things that bugged me while reading.

One is the plot in general. It may just be my taste in books. I really enjoy high action dystopian novels. The plot was just so slow to me. Their "flares" were the best part though.

The ending took an unexpected turn. Although from the beginning the author gives you reason to believe something is up with Chase. The last section of high packed action had to be my very favorite.

Right now, as I'm looking back at the story, the main characters although unbelievably smart and capable could have made better decisions in the book.For example, going to the police after they found the body and people shot at them. Yeah.. I guess they may have been monkey hunters :P but I'd doubt it. First thing I'd do is go there to check if its even still there before I go tell everyone. Especially in this book because their parents aren't very understanding.. yet they let their children go around all these islands alone. Hmm.

I know most of this is all negative. But I was able to give it 3 stars. Simply because of their "flares". Because they are freaking cool. But as with many other books I would have written it differently. Like maybe there are more people like them, and some are evil. Or someone finds out and their life is being threatened by scientist who want to dissect their body. Haha I think that would be cool. Something more interesting then endangered bald eagles... That sounds harsh. But that's just my opinion and taste.


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