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Twilight by Young Kim
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DID I CALL IT OR WHAT! Another re-re-release of The Twilight Saga. I seriously doubt that they will change anything except the cover and throw both volumes together. Oh the cover... damn that was a nice touch but now that's gone too!

Oh every time I see this I keep thinking to myself "what is the target audience for this", "who is still actually buying this after all the other attempts to keep raping our money from us". Clearly, people are still buying cause they would've stopped. When I went looking for part 2 of 1 (now how stupid does that sound!) I couldn't even look at it cause the thing was SOLD OUT! I went on the weekend of its release (yup, came out the 10/11/11 and I read and reviewed it 11/15/11) and I had to track down a copy just to read through at the store. Is my review, talking about this book, garnering more attention for these graphic novels? If so maybe I will stop talking about it completely. Go back to listening to my audiobooks at night and enjoying those for the rest of my life. Blissfully unawares as to what has happened in the future to these books.

Now we've got the deluxe remaster I foresaw a year ago. I am willing to bet all my marbles (Hook anyone?) that the only difference is the cover...and maybe an interview with Meyer or Kim. Kill it with fire...

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