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Thorunn by Esther T.  Jones
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Troubled teen Laine Riven and his family leave California for a new life on the outpost planet of Thorunn. Laine’s Uncle Gordon has arranged a job for Laine’s dad and the family will live in Gordon’s house until they can find a place of their own. Laine is removed from the LA street gang he’s got involved with and is enrolled at Ethaba high school on Thorunn. Laine is determined not to let his beloved mum down again and decides to make a go of it at school, studying hard and quickly becoming the star of the lacrosse team.
However, all is not as idyllic as it might sound. Uncle Gordon is benevolent on paper but in reality proves to be a bully – Laine is convinced Gordon is up to something shady in the research lab where he works. Laine’s dad is as obsessed by his work as he was on earth, leaving Laine and his mum alone for much of the time. The tragic tale of Thorunn’s Apollo XXII settlement, wiped out by the planet’s native klia’ans a decade earlier, creates a climate of fear and suspicion of the planet outside Ethaba’s well-guarded walls, and attacks by the notorious Outpost Terrorist is stoking those fears.
As the first frix storm of the season rolls into Ethaba, from the lacrosse pitch Laine witnesses his dad being arrested and his mum collapsing in the stands. This sets of a chain of events that will undermine everything Laine thought he knew about his family, about himself and about life on Thorunn.
Sci-Fi is not my go-to genre and I did find this a bit of a challenge to read. A lot of the descriptions of weapons and fight scenes left me cold and there is a graphic description of torture which turned my stomach – kids will probably love it!
Thorunn is home to some terrifying wildlife – amazing creatures which are wonderfully described – and some harsh weather – electric frix storms that actually rain lightning! I could visualise it all from the author’s descriptions.
The plot was well thought out and on the whole, I did not anticipate where it was going (although I did guess the double-identities of some of the characters towards the end). It is a fast-paced adventure with no end of twists and enemies, that I imagine sci-fi fans will really enjoy.
I enjoyed the idea of humans being able to start again on another planet – can we do it better if we start from scratch somewhere else? Can humanity’s worst excesses of greed, selfishness and cruelty be left behind on Earth? A timely question.

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