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The Boy Who Fell To Earth by Kathy Lette
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May 20, 2012

it was ok
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It's safe to say I wish this was better than it was. I know the number one rule of books is 'never judge a book by its cover' but the cover is so pretty. It just makes me want to have it on my bookshelf and my eye is immediately drawn to it every time I'm in the bookstore or looking online. It's beautiful.

Lucy, the protagonist, tells the story of her life with her son Merlin, who suffers with Aspergers syndrome, and their struggles after her husband Jeremy left her when Merlin was young. Having to raise an out of control, emotionally challenged child obvious has its major troubles, trying to get help from the government to enrol him in a special school etc etc, and while the book did focus a lot on this, because it was told from Lucy's point of view, it kind of just felt like she was having a big whinge about it all.

Kathy Lette is a good writer. She throws in good dark humour effortlessly where it's needed and is able to convey emotions well but I just feel like Lucy lacked in character development through the entire book. She spent a lot of effort trying to get Merlin to behave normally rather than letting him embrace who he was at the same time. I don't have any experience with people with Aspergers or Autism but as a mother I just think she should have been more supportive of Merlin's character rather than whinging the whole time about how inappropriate he was and sort of always babying him.

The theme of the book soon shifts to Lucy's struggle to find a good sexual partner/new father for Merlin. After an array of men who basically run after really awkwardly hilarious encounters with Merlin, she meets Archie, whom she absolutely loathes at first because of his lack of job and his dirty rockstar appearance.

I was all for Archie. In the book he seemed good for Merlin, but naturally Jeremy (Merlin's real father) makes an appearance halfway-the end of the book, begging Lucy to take him back after breaking up with his hot younger girlfriend and his father dying. If I was her, I would have taken his offer of money, got some help and counselling for Merlin, and set up a support system that would help the whole family... Lucy had different ideas and I lost a bit of respect for her when she decided to kiss Jeremy and then was obviously wooed back into that promise of being a happy little family again. Jeremy, the douche who abandoned his child because he had a condition, suddenly wants back in, and you're just going to let him? Just so he may leave again? Righto, woman, your choice love.

The ending is what disappointed me the most. It all felt like a big soap opera with Jeremy's ex girlfriend turning up pregnant and all 'back off bitch he's mine' and Lucy being stupid and treating Archie terribly because she'd fallen for Jeremy's tricks. Sadly I skimmed a little, finding my mind wandered.

There was one quote from the book that I felt was worthy of writing down, which is rare because I don't often find quotes in books that I feel worthy of that. Merlin as a character interested me and I'm a bit disappointed that the book seemed entirely focused on Lucy and her husband-boyfriend-sex problems and complaining about the injustice of everything. Where Merlin featured in the story, with actual dialogue, felt genuine and well written and interesting.

p193 (ebook version) "Time is the universe's way of stopping everything happening at once" - Merlin.

I can't explain what I love about this so much. It just feels right, and quite honestly, genius.

So i'll finish this review on that quote, just because Merlin and his misadventures was the best part about this book.


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