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The Selection by Kiera Cass
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did not like it

Oooooohhhhhh, why did this have to be so vapid?!


Let's get one thing straight; dystopian novels are one of my guilty pleasures. This one's premise seemed slightly intriguing, even if the idea of a futuristic version of The Bachelor (with a royal twist) made me cringe a little (because I effing hate The Bachelor). Sadly, however, where premise and good intentions fail, mediocrity prevails. This entire book is just silly. Shallow and completely meaningless....and nothing really happened. I get that it's the beginning of a trilogy, but the setup of a trilogy needs to be crafted in such a way that the reader wants to come back for more. After reading over 350 pages of America Singer's whiny inner monologue about how she can't settle on just one devastatingly handsome suitor (on top of everything else she whined about which was...well, everything), I wanted to forget I'd read the first one. It doesn't bode well for the second.

To give Kiera Cass some credit, her writing isn't terrible. The problem is, it's not really good, either. It's just sort of there. I couldn't develop any kind of feeling about any of the characters. They're all pretty much standard YA cardboard cutouts, going through the motions, hoping someone will take notice. I liked that America and Maxon are just friends at first, that there isn't an overabundance of slimy creamed corn in the forms of staring into each other's swirling, bottomless eyes, and soulful stares meant to convey their deep, deep longing for one another. It was actually rather refreshing that they were both so honest with each other. But my relief at not having to read about yet more game-playing divas was short lived. Eventually, America turns into another indecisive, jealous idiot. And, truth be told, Prince Maxon is kind of creepy. I guess that fits, though, since these people are obviously the descendants Idiocracy warned us about...

The Selection process is absolutely ridiculous, the setting is over-the-top (while simultaneously vague), the dialogue doesn't make sense at times, and the overall story is boring. Girls get made up and parade themselves in front of a prince. Uh huh. And? Oh, the castle is attacked a couple of times. Look, America forms a friendship with her trio of quirky maids. That's cute, right? Right?

As far as comparing it to The Hunger Games?

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It just seemed like Ms. Cass was trying a bit too hard. I believe what she was shooting for with this story and what she actually managed are worlds apart. What could have been an interesting, exciting, emotionally jarring novel is instead a shallow and puerile rag for teeny boppers. It's like someone snatched a girl out of a mall somewhere, sat her down with a computer, and told her to write like George Orwell. In response, she gazed back, blank and empty, and said, "George who?"

The cover is shiny and pretty and colorfully pleasing...and it belies the otherwise wasted space underneath.
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message 1: by ~ Becs ~ (new)

~ Becs ~ Great review Katrina topped off with the lovely Dean!!

Katrina Passick Lumsden Becs wrote: "Great review Katrina topped off with the lovely Dean!!"

Thank you:)

Is there any emotion that man's face can't convey?

message 3: by ~ Becs ~ (new)

~ Becs ~ I don't think so but I volunteer to do a bit of research with the boxset if you like??

message 4: by Katrina (last edited Jun 05, 2012 03:26PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Katrina Passick Lumsden Becs wrote: "I don't think so but I volunteer to do a bit of research with the boxset if you like??"

I'm sure it will be torturous;)

Grumpy Girl I completely agree with you! In the start before America left for The Selection, I though maybe this book won't be having the cliche ending. That maybe this book would be a bit bittersweet but she would end up coming back to Aspen. That maybe even though she would grow as a character as the book progresses, she will hold on to her 'so called first love'. But No! Everything just went downhill as the book progressed. Especially America's character. She became more and more whiny, shallow, selfish and annoying. It was a struggle to read the book by the time I reached halfway. She JUST got so irritating. And the prince? God! He was acting like more of a girl than America(that's saying something).

Tara I see the connection to The Bachelor, but I never really got why people thought it was like The Hunger Games. I guess because of the Caste system... but it would be a big stretch.

Arianna Victoria I need to say that I really liked the book and when I saw that someone could rate it so low I felt the urge to read the comment. In my mind I had already an insulting comment for you, but after reading your review all I can say is that I agree. Every single part of it is true, but I am still leaving the five stars because I really enjoy it while I was submerged into the world that Ms. Cass has created.

Katrina Passick Lumsden I applaud your honesty, Arianna, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the book. :) It's obvious by this book's popularity that I'm in the minority with my thoughts and feelings, but that's what makes review sites so useful; collecting so many different viewpoints in one place.


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