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Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick
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May 19, 2012

it was amazing
Read from May 20 to 26, 2012


Alright so I know I said i would try very hard to stop doing spoilers its just so hard my opinion of the book feels faek without it dang it still i tried not to completely give stuff away so anywayz here it goes...
So when I started reading Silence after the initial prologe that is I was what you would cal HIGHLY pissed off NOT EVEN JOkING!!! WTF you mean she completely lost her memory and later to find out whose stupid idea it was UGH!!!! I was cursing becca fitzpatrick by this point I threw the book across the room probably a little dramatic she was just trying to make the book even more suspense full just wasnt expecting it and got a little mad. Took me a few days before I even looked at the book much less picked it up and had to call my book buddy and rant for thirty minutes felt guilty afterwards considering she hasnt had a chance to read it herself but yet already knows one to many key details thanks to MOI!!!So I finally start it again and BAM patch pops up and she kinda knows him but he ERASES what she remembers then treats her like crap if i could have gotten in the book and smacked him I so would have freakin done it was that mad.Was very tempted at that point to stop reading the book make up my own ending and be happy in my little bubble but then it would have been nagging at me what really happened so curiosity got the better of me and I picked up the book again...Scott comes back and helps her the triangle love thing kinda takes place ill admit i cant decide who I want her to be with more dont get me wrong I love patch I really do hate the name BUT love him but Scott idk hes growing on me I want him to have a chance.Then who else comes back just freaking guess DABRIA of all people but turns out she was useful was kinda shocked figure she would have tried to kill Nora but no she behaved herself Shocking right? Again like in the past 2 books of the series I didnt see the ending coming really curious about the third book though I know have my answer to wat was gonna happen btw patch and scott and nora when she got old lol. Cant wait for the last and final book got a feeling scott gonna play a bigger role then he already has gona be yet more drama bwt patch and nora. I think marcie may die but think shes gonna you know make amends first try to be nice.Im hoping no other major characters die but im not holding much hope keep thinking about Harry Potter jk rowling killed so many people i grew to love I was upset yet the book was so good i got over it especilally when I seen there was a epilogue.Im just speculating as to whats gonna happen could be completely wrong but hey I took a stab in the dark. October cant come fast enough I feel ill go crazy but im just gonna distract myself by throwing myself into finishing other series and getting into new ones. Also just gotta all haters of this series dont know what your prob is this book is awesome totally love it!!!and i know sometimes i get off topic gotta problem with it dont read m review see how simple that it BYEZ!!!!!

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