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Swipe by Evan Angler
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May 19, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on June 01, 2012 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** I like this book. I really do. I love all Dystopians/Post-Apocalyptics. Swipe kept me interested, and I want to read more, so I'll be getting Sneak(book 2) when it comes out, but there were some things that just threw me off while others confused me.

1. The characters (Logan, Erin, Dane, Hailey, etc) are supposed to be 13. Maybe they do act as if they are 13 sometimes, but to me when I was reading all of the characters except the parents seemed to be my age. I'm 19. I mean, sure some kids act older than their age, but I never really got the feeling they were 13 year olds until it was written they were going to middle school. I also found it really curious as to why they would let 13 year olds vote in their society, but, hey, it's a Dystopian for a reason right?
2. This book, while written in third person, jumped focus quite often. We specifically go from knowing what Logan was doing to Erin's activities to both of them together doing something to Peck in his warehouse to Dane to the Dust wrecking havoc. I got into the flow of it and continued on, but still, just as I got settled I'd be torn from one character to read a quick blurb of what another was doing.
3. Another thing this book does is not fully describe certain things when they are first mentioned. I was confused who DOME was from the get go. It was until a little while in you get what they are. Again, the Dust wasn't described until Erin's dad explained it to Logan (that's after many encounters). Noe, Dane was completely fine joining the Dust, which is fine. But Dane was so excited to get his Mark I don't see how he changed sides so quick especially when he was so angry at Logan when he tried to explain it. (Granted, Peck could've convinced him in one conversation, but it just seemed like Dane wouldn't have believed him so easily.)
4. My last thing: the spy. Who could be the spy in the school? I know the author tried to make it as if it could be anyone, but the moment I read there was a spy I immediately thought: Hailey. Granted, maybe no one else picked up on it that quick, I just knew who it was because I watch all those crime shows, but it just seemed so obvious. But maybe that was the point? Dramatic Irony?

Overall, I really did like Swipe. I just had a few issues of my OWN preferences/feelings I got when reading. The story and plot itself was interesting and reminds me of a story I workshopped for fiction. I would recommend this book to fellow lovers of Dystopians and/or Post-Apocalyptic novels. I can't wait to read the sequel!

But first, totally pick up a copy.
It's interesting, promise!

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