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The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen
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May 19, 2012

really liked it
Read 3 times. Last read June 21, 2013 to June 23, 2014.

UPDATE: I got the book yesterday and immediately cracked it open and began to read. Sarah Dessen's words enticed me as always to the point where I never looked at the number of pages or cared how far I was into it. It was a bit different than her other books and I'm still not sure if I like that. It wasn't like Dreamland (my favorite by Sarah Dessen, I wish she would write another one like it), but it didn't follow her usual boy meets girl line. I still thought it was good, but it was one of my least favorites. I want to know if Dessen wanted Theo to be a bit 2-dimensional or if that just happened. I still enjoyed it and found Emaline to be one of the closest to the way I act. She cries like a girl who just got out of high school does. Most of the other girls never seemed to cry and when I was eighteen, I think I was always bawling about something. Emaline managed this without seeming whiny or fake. I also appreciated a section of it when Morris is trying to get a knut off a tire and he calls it a bitch. Emaline's reaction is "Of course it's female." I'm going into Women Studies, it sounded exactly like something I would say. Emaline was wonderful, but I didn't have the connection to the boys of the tale or some of her other problems except maybe with her father. He did stand out a bit. Read the book it was a good one. There are spoilers below if you have read the book.

Luke and Theo, two guys who were both decent. Luke did cheat on her, but I didn't find it to be an action to get back at Emaline, but the realization he had been dating her for three years and he couldn't see other girls. Still I understood Luke. He was adorable and was the man in shining armor (though he did go see another girl). He was a guy I could see myself knowing and maybe that was why he had such a simple name. Luke. Not Rogerson, Wes, Macon, or even Theo. It was a name I've heard before and a boy I've met. I wanted to dislike him. He was in the town she had lived in and I wanted to keep telling her to run away and never look back! As I read on, Luke became even more adorable to me. He didn't want her to go too far, but he did support her.

For Theo, I didn't even feel he existed. He was there, he wore girl jeans, and he ate food I wouldn't touch. Emaline didn't tell him she didn't like the over-the-top food and dates. She never told him how she felt about it all and that irritated me. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! That's the biggest problem I have with Sarah Dessen. All of these girls just keep quiet. I know that they learn by the end and start talking, but until then, it's awful. So she went through with Theo and I didn't even know who he was. He wanted to go into film and he missed all of these opportunities to experience childhood. Still, he was there and he was with her and then he wasn't and he sucked. I hope Dessen was portraying him like this on purpose because if she wasn't, Theo was a major fail in my opinion.

Last part. I enjoyed her and her father's problem and I liked that there was really no hope for them. The whole end of the book was left like this. Emaline was going to a school not too far away (2 hours is the ride from my home to my school, it feels a lot further than it is), she didn't have her dad, Theo was a jerk, and Luke had a giant question mark smack dab on his head. I don't know what happened to Emaline and maybe there will be more information about them in a later book. Even the part about Benji was left up in the air. He did get to see Emaline and he did seem happier. I hoped all of this is right because Benji was sweet and I couldn't help but love him. So to put it all together, not the best, but good. I love anything Sarah Dessen and I can't wait for another book. I hoped others enjoyed it as well!

I'm so very excited for a new book! Though yes, her books do seem repetitive and yes, characters do seem to be overused, I still can't help but be excited. I fall in love with her characters none the less and am excited for each book. I wish she would do something like Dreamland where Rogerson was terrible and yet a reader couldn't help but love him anyway, but I'll get over it. She brings me back to summer romances (not that I had them, but her books fill them in) and a way of realizing how difficult it is to be carefree. Basically, I'm excited, and hate that the release date isn't for another year. :( This is why authors having to promote books sucks. We might get to have a signed copy or meet them face to face, but what us readers are not getting is a new book. Unfortunately. So yay! A year I will wait! :D
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Anna Marie Dreamland was by far my favorite book of Dessen's.

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