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Wish You Were Here by Rita Mae Brown
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May 19, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: contemporary, non-erotic, suspense-mystery
Read in May, 2012

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Murder isn’t exclusive to big, crowded cities, as the residents of Crozet, Virginia are about to discover for their own. When the citizens of the small town start turning up dead, the local post mistress thinks the odd postcards they’d received just before their murders might be a clue. She’s soon off to the races, with the help of her tiger cat and Corgi. Will small town life in Virginia ever be the same?

Mary Minor “Harry” Harristeen is Crozet’s postmaster and keeper of Mrs. Murphy, a tiger cat, and Tee Tucker, a Welsh Corgi. Harry always seems to be at the center of everything that happens in Crozet, but not always because she wants it that way. The post office seems to be the hub of the community with the residents coming and going and arguing and fighting on her doorstep. More often than not, the chaos is brought to her, although she’s notorious for doing a bit of snooping on her own. I found Harry to be an enjoyable character. She’s smart and knows her town like no one else, which will eventually help her solve the mystery. She’s also an animal lover and treats her furry friends as if they were family members, something which really endeared her to me.

The real stars of this novel, however, are the furry P.I’s. Mrs. Murphy and Tee, along with assorted other four-legged Crozet inhabitants, gossip and sniff and help point the humans in the right direction. The relationship between Mrs. Murphy and her canine pal, Tee Tucker, is priceless. They interact in much the same way as two sisters might – not always a fan of the others, but always with love. The contact and introspection between the animals really made the story for me.

Wish You Were Here was an entertaining mystery chock full of laughs, surprises, and animal hijinks. The seriousness of the murders is tempered by the natural lightheartedness animals bring to anything. Between the never-ending parade of colorful characters, their pets, and the ongoing mystery, you’re sure to find yourself engaged to the very end.

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