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Life Eternal by Yvonne Woon
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May 18, 2012

Read in May, 2012

Ok not a great book to read super late at night, in a silent house, when you have a strange amount in common with the main character, and the entire time you are expecting some undead to crawl out of your closet and suck your soul out of your mouth. All things said read this book in the DAYLIGHT with alive humans around. At least that is what I reccommend because in doing that first part I may just not sleep all that well tonight. But to the actual review part. This book like the first started out slow but once more information started to flow and you were able to start piecing parts of the mystery yourself, I personally could not put this down. I love this book because it combines historical myths with present-day settings but not in an overdone way as a lot of myths these days have just been exploited to death. I like to see an author keep with what is mainstream but make it in her own way. I loved Life Eternal because Renée does not react in the classical way a heroine usually does by tripping her way stupidly through a novel somehow not getting herself killed along the way. No this author gives Renée some brains and the emotions of what a person would actually be experiencing if their life were to play out like Renée's does. Life Eternal may be spooky as all get out but it is a great modern book, with heart-pounding cliffhanger ending that will make you want to go find this author and beg her to write the third book. Which she better or I'll do it myself because a story like this cannot simply end this way.
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