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The Dom of My Dreams by M.F. Sinclair
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May 18, 2012

it was amazing
Read in May, 2012

4 1/2 stars
It was a bit uncomfortable to read at the beginning, and it left me wondering where it was going or if it was even a romance at all, and not some sadistic tale. I have to say, It turned out rather good and very satisfying. A better book than the Fifty Shades series, and it does it all with just one book.

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message 1: by Al (new) - added it

Al So read this before 50 Shades?

message 2: by Steph (last edited May 27, 2012 06:38PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steph I wouldn't say that. It's not completely similar in plot or character ARC. However, everything seems to be emulating Twilight/Fifty Shades in one way or another as of late, right? The two That are Very similar are Fifty Shades and Bared to You. Those are so similar, it's not worth reading each. I also didn't find Fifty shades all that satisfying or interesting by the end. I truly don't understand why (A) I read all three books, and (B) why it garners so much attention.

I can only assume that the people that are gushing over those books don't read much, or at least much of anything with substance.

In any case, yes I would have to give this book an emphatic thumbs up, compared to other erotic of this type. Judging from the title and cover, I didn't have high hopes. But I found it very satisfying, actually erotic, with a really good HEA romance story to boot.

Also, if you have a strong constitution, Captive in the Dark was a really good read. It's just not for everyone.

message 3: by Al (new) - added it

Al It is hard to find good BDSM stories that feel like they are actually romance... HEA romance seems even rarer. Many of the friends I have gotten on GR have not been kind to Fifty Shades. I already have bought it and I will eventually read it... eventually :)

I will look into "Captive in the Dark." I am more into the Bond/disc and Dom/sub aspect of BDSM, and not as much the S/m but it does not bother me. S/m for cruelty sake is not all that enjoyable though.

Thanks for the reply :)

message 4: by Steph (last edited May 28, 2012 06:02AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steph No problem. I just started reading Erotica, and I really try to judge the books in this with others of its type, but sometimes a bad book is just a bad book. There are a couple of things I judge books on. (1) Is it well written and edited (2) Was it satisfying (3) Is it fresh and original, as in, does it add anything to the genre

The Fifty Shades books read like bad fanfic and the sex scenes are all the same and boring throughout, so I'm not sure what others are raving about. It doesn't push the envelope, in regards to BDSM or even itself. It's also 2 1/2 books too long. Again, I can only assume that the women who are reading and loving it have nothing good to judge it by.

Having said all that, I read all three books for some godforsaken reason. I kept hoping something would actually happen, but alas, it never did.

Captive in the dark and The Dom of my Dreams are the only two books I would recommend in this genre, so far. Captive in the Dark is definitely not for everyone, but oddly enough it is a romance and a good story. The captor has redeeming qualities as well. The author did a good job, b/c I don't see that being easy to do in most cases.

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