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Hourglass by Myra McEntire
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May 18, 2012

it was amazing
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I may have read a book that deals with time travel before but I can’t remember any and I found it fascinating. I appreciate that Myra McEntire gave enough of an explanation so that everything made sense (mostly), but she didn’t make it all sciency and over my head. I knew just what I needed to know to make it plausible.

I loved Emerson and Michael. Emerson had to be pretty strong to go through everything that she had in her past as well as what was going on in the present. I absolutely adored Michael. Seriously adored him. I loved that he hesitated, that he didn’t always share info because he knew what it could do, his insane need to protect Emerson. They were explosive together.

I can’t remember where or when I saw other reviews of Hourglass but I was just reading along, enjoying Emerson and Michael and then all of a sudden Kaleb pops up and as soon as I saw his name I freaked out! I remember a few reviews talking about how much they loved Kaleb or that they were “team Kaleb” and I was really worried because I’ve never been on the “other side”, I’ve always picked the right guy and I liked Michael so much I couldn’t imagine ever choosing Kaleb. I like Kaleb, but not for Emerson.

Even though I didn’t think Kaleb was right for Emerson I really liked him. He was such a complex character, trying to be a badass and kind and caring at the same time. It was a good combination.

As far as older brothers go, Thomas was pretty cool. He’s quite a bit older than Emerson and had to step in the parenting role after their parents died and he does a good job of straddling the sibling/parent line. He’s fairly accepting of Emerson’s abilities, though cautious at the same time. I really liked Thomas’ wife Dru. She was fairly overprotective of Emerson but stood up for her (to Thomas) at the same time

You don’t see much of Emerson’s best friend Lily,but there is a lot to her and I can see her having a much bigger role in Timepiece. Nate and Dune have some seriously cool abilities.

I can’t say who the bad guy or girl is… but s/he is the baddest of the bad. The kind that makes you want to kick some serious ass! I was so angry at the things that were done!

There are quite a few twists, most of them coming from the manipulation of time. Remember in Back to the Future (you’ve all seen that right?) when Marty makes the mistake of saving his mom instead of waiting for his dad to save his mom and things start changing? Hourglass is full of that. It’s a prime example of why you don’t mess with time.

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