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Demons Are Forever by Julie Kenner
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Sep 18, 2008

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** Demons are forever, book three of the Kate Connor/Crowe demon hunter soccer mom series.

Julie Kenner is a great writer. making me fiend after a story line is a tough accomplishment. going from book on, two and now finishing book three, i tried and tried to space it out. i read book one, Carpe Demon 3 months or so ago, and refused to buy the other books until i had worked some other fiction out. Jenn decided as a surprise, to buy books two and three for me… now i am utterly hooked.. reading them quickly was so hard to avoid. i spent a good deal of time reading other books but found myself eyealling the stacks containing these two gifts and i am officially hooked!

jenn learned that she should make me read books we are both into first because it is easier for me to keep quiet while she reads than it is for her too. she gets frustrated and wants to talk about it, but cant because of the whole spoiler thing.. she was being tortured trying to talk to me and me reminding her that i had not read it yet.. plugging my ears when it seemed she was about to say something too telling.

quick recap

Carpe Demon covered the return from retirement of Kate Connor, formerly Kate Crowe. as Kate Crowe, she was an ass kicking demon fighting martial arts mastering warrior who fought for mankind and god. once retired, her and her husband settled down and became your typical suburban household. after a tragic mugging, Kates husband Eric dies and she eventually remarries (becoming Kate Crowe). thrust back into the world of demon fighting only as her family becomes endangered, she must learn to balance the normal responsibilities of a stay home mom with the life threatening duties of demon hunting


California Demon followed up the original book with Kate Conner beginning to settle back into her normal life. she patrols the streets at night and reads the paper every day looking for a little bit of info about any demonic activity that might be occurring around town. This book introduces David Long, a teacher who lives in San Diablo and works at her daughters school. but that is not his only job, he is also a demon hunter, rogue and roaming the streets taking out evil. Rogues are generally associated with deceit and villiany, so that he pronounces himself proudly as rogue leads one to believe there is more to the story.


demons-are-forever.jpgDemons are Forever picks up exactly where book two ends, with in moments. Kate is forced to let some of her guard down and her secrets begin to spill out. Her daughter learns in the first few pages about her history and demands to train harder in order to be able to protect herself. yet again, San Diablo is accosted by demons of the highest magnitude and it will require everyone to be on the ball to destroy their plans. a lot of secrets the readers are are on edge about are met in this book WITH ANSWERS! Eric’s secrets come out, Davids secrets come out, Kates secrets come out..

this book had a few things in it that are forgiven by the readers and fans.. all in all it was very enjoyable.. i really have a hard time reviewing it because all i want to do is talk about aspects that are awesome, but they would give away too many plot secrets and i hate spoilers. i had to erase this section 3-4 ties and removed pretty much everything because it is all closely knitted with the other books and simple statemnts could spoil something easily.

commentary on the cover.. it is a bit misleading.. demons that are connected to the school existed in both of the other books but in this one, there really was limited high school interaction. if i were the publisher, i would remove the lame tag line at the top stating “minions of the occult running amok in a demon free school zone? time to raise hell”.. it is misleading and overly cheesy. it has no relation to the book and does not accurately display the quality of written work inside. likewise with the school bus cover.. it would be better represented with a lotus, or a library, or hey, how about a demon tail coming out from underneath a cookie sheet and a handful of spilled freshbaked cookies?..

the covers from the other two were awesome.. book one related to the initial fact that Kate is a suburban housewife, so they showed a house with a yard etc. book two had a beach scene with a beach chair and an umbrella.. once again, appropriate as there was a surf and beach theme to much of the book…. this one? lame…

so there you have it.. book excellent, cover lame…

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