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Point of Hopes by Melissa Scott
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Jul 20, 2007

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, historical, mystery

In Point of Hopes, our hero, Nicolas Rathe is a Pointsman (think detective) and he's called to investigate the sudden disappearance of a shocking number of Astreiant's children. At the same time, former Lieutenant Philip Eslingen, new to Astreiant and just released from his period of service, finds himself out of a job. He becomes a bodyguard at a local tavern and through a number of twists of fate, he and Rathe cross paths and end up working together to find the children.

There are so many wonderful things about this book. Firstly, you know the old maxim that goes something like " if you introduce a gun at the beginning of a story, then you better be prepared to use it"? Well, Scott and Barnett are masters of it! Not one detail is wasted. If they show you a knife in chapter one, you can be sure it plays a role in the plot somewhere later. If you are looking for loose strings you'll find none here--and that's what makes this such a great mystery. The authors really take you on a ride as each piece of the puzzle is slowly revealed.

Even better than the mystery, are the yummy hints between Rathe and Philip, like the way they can't seem to help thinking of each other, or the way Rathe feels self-conscious when he meets Eslingen and he's not in his best suit, or the way Eslingen admires Rathe. I also liked that they're quite human. The authors know how to poke fun at them. Eslingen is quite muscular and handsome, with long black hair and blue eyes and he's just the tiniest bit vain about his looks ^_^ . Rathe on the other hand always looks like he dressed on his way out the door. So they're opposites but not quite. Both are capable, smart and extremely resourceful. By the time I got to the end of the book I was praying for a touch, a kiss something to happen between the two of them--but alas!

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