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Eyes of the Seer by Peter W. Dawes
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May 16, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: urban-fantasy, paranormal-fantasy, occult

Eyes Of The Seer,by Peter Dawes (A pen name I assure you) surprised me, not because it was trying to recreate mythos, but because it embraced it.

I grappled with the star system because whereas the beginning of the story dragged a big, it MORE than compensated in the second half.

Here is the 411. Peter Dawes is an ordinary man living an ordinary life. The story begins with a murder. Two people are dead at Peter's own hands, and these deaths were NOT an accident.

From the scene of his transgressions, he is taken into the dark world of Vampirism. It is elegant, decadent, sexy, bloody, and PERFECT! This isn't Twilight folks, Peter is now a Vampire. He has enhanced senses, increased stamina, intense bloodlust, and a fondness for swords. He has disassociated from his humanity even further by taking on the new name Flynn. The ensuing story isn't puppies and lollipops. In a sophisticated and eloquent manner very reminiscent of early Anne Rice, we are taken through Peter/Flynn's journey from healer, to Vampire, to Assassin.

Dawes lives in the real world, where a stake through the heart will do you in before you can say `ouch'. Vampires burn in the daylight, are reduced to piles of ash, need human blood to survive, and oh yeah, are KILLERS. They are Classic, and there is a reason such things are called Classics in the first place.
All hail Bela Lugosi.

Now go read this book!
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