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Divergent by Veronica Roth
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May 16, 2012

it was amazing
Recommended for: Anyone who loved The Hunger Games

Omg. Its been a long while since ive loved a book as much as i LOVE this one! The Hunger Games was the last one that sucked me in the way Divergent did, and i read that at least 18months ago!

Speaking of Hunger Games, i may as well say now, that Divergent did seem to follow the same "formula". Maybe it was just the young, full of guts, strong female lead. Maybe it was just that it was obvious from the beginning that the whole story was leading to a war. Maybe it was just that they're both dystopian. I dont know, and i dont care. The fact that i occasionally felt a bit of deja vu was my only, very minor dislike. But if you hated Hunger Games, then i doubt this is the book for you.

So, now on to everyhing that was great about the book.

Beatrice/Tris. The lead character. She is fantastic. Strong, gutsy, brave, selfless, flawed, determined. Everything i wish i had been as a 16 year old girl (or as a 30 year old woman!). Fighting the way she was brought up, and the expectations of both herself and her family, to become the person she really is. I love her.

Four. The male lead/love interest. Tough and badass on the outside. Soft and sweet on the inside. Demons of his own to face. Oh how i love Four. Actually i think i could easily confess to being in love with him. Edward Cullen, you've been replaced. At first it really bugged me that he didnt have a proper name. I always find it irritating when authors name their characters something odd. But i got over it quickly and now, the name Four actually sounds like something id consider naming my child. Maybe Victoria Beckham was onto something when they named that baby Harper Seven...

In my opinion, this book is full of very strong, well developed and written characters. I feel like i know each of them personally. I was constantly cheering for them. Or laughing with them. Crying with them, or for them. Apart from the fact im a total wuss and would never cut it in their society, i totally wanted to be there with them.

oh the suspense!I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time i was reading Divergent. Every chapter had some sort of action to keep me hanging on and wanting to read more. Veronica Roth has jam packed a ton of info and built this world so well. But it was never confusing, which was a nice change from other first books in a series.

The action was great, never a boring minute. But what i also really loved was the sweet,tender, innocent little romance that developed between Tris and Four. I had just finished 50 shades of Grey when i started this book, and frankly, Tris and Four were a complete breath of fresh air for me after reading 300 pages of the carry on between Ana and Christian in 50 shades!

Without giving anything away, i like that the book didnt end on a huge cliffhanger. I hate when a book feels like it stops practically mid senetence! Obviously it left it open for the sequel, but i wouldnt be having heart failure if i didnt have a copy of the second book, Insurgent (which i do!).

Anyway, this is a great YA, dystopian novel and considering its the authors first, im well impressed and cant wait to start the next one!

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0.0% "Two chapters in and I'm intrigued! I know I read the synopsis once upon a time, but I can't remember what it's about now. I love when a book is interesting from the first chapter!"
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0.0% "Got to love a book that has you hanging in suspense only 10% in! I'm assuming she chooses dauntless but hanging to see who Caleb chooses!"
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0.0% "68% read. This is quickly turning into one of my favourite books! Such a sweet, tender, innocent little romance between Tris and Four. Refreshing after reading the mind numbing, page after page of sex in 50 shades! And there's so much happening in this book! Every chapter has a focal point which has me riveted. Loving it. Please don't let the ending be a huge disappointment!!"
June 15, 2012 –
0.0% "I wish I could stop having flashbacks to the third hunger games book. Cos it's really much better than that, but it seems like it follows some sort of dystopian formula. That is my only complaint so far and I'm 85% done. In other news, I think I'm in love with Four :) and the more I read Four as a name, the more It doesn't sound weird. Maybe Victoria Beckham wasn't insane when she named that baby Harper Seven ;-)"
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0.0% "Have wanted to yell both 'nooooooo! Four!' and 'nooooo!will!' in the last 20 mins of reading. Argh!!!"
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0.0% "Omg. What an awesome book. LOVED it!"
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