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May 15, 2012

did not like it
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Read on May 16, 2012

**Some quotes have been shortened to include only what was relevant, but nothing has been added or manipulated to make it sound different from the way it was originally intended.**

I was browsing netgalley when I caught sight of this book and my curiosity was piqued, despite the fact that I don't read too much non-fiction. Upon reading the description, I realised that this book is claiming to help people raise their daughters in a way that won't get them raped and/or murdered throughout their life. It was at that point when I was like "woah, stop right there!" I've read enough victim-blaming, slut-shaming books to last a lifetime, but rather than being repelled, I was still harbouring an intense curiosity about where Brown would go with this. So I requested it.

The first thing I read was the introduction (as one tends to do) and Brown was spouting all this stuff about how her book isn't an attempt to blame the victim at all, that rape is a crime, that rape will always be a crime regardless of the circumstances, and the culprit is 100% to blame. But that doesn't mean there aren't things you can't do to avoid putting yourself at risk. And I admit, just for a second there, she completely had me. I swallowed her ideas up and thought, yeah, if you walk down a dark alley by yourself in the middle of the night, nothing good can be coming your way. But. But... Brown starts by saying she is not victim-blaming and then proceeds to blame the victims and their parents multiple times.

Here are some of Brown's basic rules/principles for keeping your daughter alive:

Men are the enemy/all men are rapists.
Your daughter is at risk, and there can be no bigger threat than that of the man. It doesn't matter who they are, how well she knows him, how kind he may seem to be. Men will do anything to get a girl alone, they are all trying desperately to get a girl drunk or drugged out of her mind so they can rape her. Beware of teachers, sport coaches, boyfriends, male friends, uncles, stepfathers, just any man your daughter comes into contact with. In fact, it's best to keep her away from all men until she is eighteen. Brown tells us how to spot a sexual predator: "he was a single man of about thirty who acted very immature and seemed to be too chummy with the boys on his team... he didn't seem to like my two boys that much... I didn't trust him because he seemed like he could possibly be a pedophile."

Homeschool your daughters and pick their friends.
I have never met anyone who's been homeschooled and I've never even heard of it happening in the UK, so I don't know if it's a good or bad thing and I'm not here to pass judgement on that. But Brown's advice is that you should cage your daughter as much as possible. Don't let her go to places where she could make her own friends, only allow her to become friends with the daughters of your church group members - I am not exaggerating, she specifically says she never allowed her children to become friends with kids outside of a small church-going group that she knew the parents of. So her daughter is never going to meet anyone different, never going to see how anyone other than upper middle class, predominantly white, Christians live.

Brown believes avoiding sending your daughter to a public high school whenever possible: "if your daughter hasn't committed a crime, why is she being imprisoned in a juvenile detention institution with criminals and thugs?" Brown warns us of these "wild" children who aren't homeschoolers or church friends and advises you to make sure an adult is always present when they are interacting with your daughter - because they may encourage them to get raped in later life. Okay, she didn't actually say that last bit about getting raped, but I can only assume it has some relevance seeing as that's what this book is supposed to be about.

Beware the evil world of media.
Television, movies, music, video games, computers, books and the internet are all demons waiting to steal your little cherub from you. Basically, most things enjoyable in life. Brown thinks that depressing music will lead to suicide and that "if it's not uplifting, why are they listening to it?" I think this is bullshit. Some of the best songs ever written are sad songs, art doesn't always have to be cheerful to be beautiful. Life often isn't a mixture of My Little Pony, Roald Dahl and party tunes. Brown makes a suggestion: "'The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round' would probably be fine for a daughter of any age to perform" (LIES! if I'd sang that in high school, they would have thrown me in the canal - and not just because I can't sing). But seriously, I can't believe she said that.

Melodrama appears to be Brown's strong suit: "if you don't want your daughter laid out in a pine box or standing over you with a knife in the night, you shouldn't have her listening to that kind of extreme, mentally destructive music." Brown continues further into idiocy when she begins to lecture the reader about censoring what our children read. I'm not saying you should let your child read sex and violence, but once again Brown takes it too far.

1) R.L. Stine, Goosebumps: "seemed like sick little preslasher movie scripts" - wtf? Madam, those were my childhood.

2) "Certain books I'd like to warn parents about: anything to do with magic, witches, and vampires."

3) "I confess: the Harry Potter books bore me...they go to a creepy boarding school full of very questionable role models." Fuck you. We are also told that her kids didn't like them either - probably afraid to.

4) Twilight: "what do I find wrong with the Twilight stories? Just about everything, but especially Bella's personality - which is terribly drab - and the choices she makes - which are appalling - and yet many teen girls wish they could be her."

Oh wait... my god, she actually said something sensible... this is me dying of shock:

And then... "but I have to admit, I prefer them to the Harry Potter books... the only good message in the Twilight series is that Edward waits until marriage to have sex with Bella." Okay, back in familiar territory.

Individuality is bad, conformity is good.
If your daughter is expressing signs of being unique, make sure you have a talk with her about her behaviour because "if she views rebellion and the unknown as more thrilling, you may find your daughter one day hanging from the curtain rod." Remember not to be too unusual because people won't like you for it, and then you'll get bullied and it'll be all your fault. Which is another thing - if you daughter is being bullied, look for ways to fix her. "Your daughter goes to school dressed like, in essence, a streetwalker and gets called a hoe and then comes home crying to you. You shouldn't be marching down to the school to complain that your daughter is being called bad names; you and your daughter should be discussing appropriate dress." Because non-conformity is self-centred. "Being weird, too weird, or too far outside the comfort zone of the main group can contribute to harassment and bullying. Work on making sure this is not the issue for your daughter and help her adjust how she presents herself at school." Number one rule: lie to fit in. Does this mean if you're bullied for being gay you should start dating the opposite sex instead?

Things in books encourage the same in real life.
Hey, I'm mostly good with that statement. There's a whole "but it's just entertainment, it doesn't mean anything" argument on goodreads and elsewhere about this issue. I actually believe that if literature portrays women to be weak and waiting for the guy to save them (etc.) then people are more likely to think this is okay in real life. It's ignorant to believe that the media doesn't influence our beliefs and values. But... Brown uses the example of Bella's stupid choice of becoming a vampire. What???? Yeah, it was kinda stupid for Bella to become a vampire and give up chocolate forever, but seriously, I can say with absolute certainty, 100%, without possible argument, that your daughter will never (ever ever ever) become a vampire. No matter how much she wants to. Discussion over.

Dangerous hangouts, both online and off.
When Brown started talking about the dangerous places where your daughter could be led into sex and drugs, I thought she would point out bars, night clubs, random street corners... all that sort of thing. But no, apparently friends' houses and malls pose the biggest threat to dragging your angel off the path of goodness. These places are just waiting to turn your child onto drugs, alcohol and the worst demon of all: sex. Did you know this curious fact, that happy teenagers don't have sex? Brown has informed me of this, keep your teens in a stable and loving home and they won't be tempted by the call of their hormones. Hmm, yeah whatever.

Back to hangouts, the worst one of all is the internet. The internet is the equivalent of "letting your daughter walk into a porn video store or hang out with low-lifes down on the corner." Lowlifes here probably meaning non-homeschoolers.

Notice the contradiction:
1) "Being aware that pornography exists, and the extent of its reach and depravity, is to be educated."
2) "Making decisions on curtailing or blocking its inroads into your daughter's life is wise."
3) "Helping her become educated and wise is your duty."

It is educational to know about porn. You must educate your daughter by shielding her from it. And, by the way, porn is a "gateway drug into the sex trade". Other gateways to prostitution include: massage parlours, modelling services, and high school. Only girls who are extremely religious and have strict morals are prepared to turn down prostitution. If this book had been written as a joke, it would be hilarious. This quote is possibly my favourite: "One day I put the word 'Batman' into the image search because I wanted to find a cute picture for a kid I knew - and I got a photo of someone dressed in a Batman costume, crotch cut out, getting a blow job."

Things were better in 1812 when women weren't sluts and stayed at home.
No sex before marriage, no slutty behaviour, parents should arrange marriages and women shouldn't go out without a male escort. And the almost funny thing is that you probably think I'm joking and that this crap isn't really in the book, right? Not in 2012, right? Wrong! Brown's thoughts on arranged marriage: "Today we tend to scoff at such parental involvement in a girl's romantic interests, but it is not such a bad idea." Oh, it is totally a bad idea. Then she makes a comment about there being less sexual assaults if western women wore burkas and weren't allowed out alone - I kid you not.

Also: "Getting labelled a slut does not exactly bode well for having guys treat her well." Remember, hymen = respect. If you don't have one, don't expect to get any. Oh, and remember that thing about not blaming victims? Well... "She needs to not do whatever she is doing that makes them want to target her." And the reason you should save sex until marriage? Because other relationships always end with the woman dead, left with an unwanted pregnancy, addicted to drugs, or in prison (because she was "the Bonnie to some Clyde").

Brown's shitty examples of when things go wrong.
Honestly, Brown uses the most ridiculous "evidence" to back up her arguments, rare cases that happen every once in a blue moon, not solid statistics about the stuff that really does happen frequently.

"Alyssa Bustamante, age fifteen, strangled and stabbed her sister's little nine-year-old friend to death because she wanted to know what it was like to take someone's life"... so don't watch, read, or listen to anything to do with death. This includes most Disney films.

"...two men who met in a website called The Cannibal Cafe. One of them was into being the cannibal and the other got into the role of being eaten... they decided to play out their fantasy for real... filming his actions, the cannibal started cutting pieces off the man's body... he killed the man, chopped him up, packaged sections of him in the freezer, and cooked part of him." Don't use the internet, you will most likely find yourself eating someone or else being eaten.

That's it, I'm done. Just don't forget mums and dads, if you let your daughter leave the house there's about a 95% chance she will be murdered. Have a nice day.
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Comments (showing 1-50 of 59) (59 new)

message 1: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana @.@ I am concerned for her children. The woman is definitely missing some marbles.

Crystal Starr Light Honestly, this sounds like a LOT of what the evangelical Christians push onto teenagers (I know, that's how I was raised :P). I wouldn't be surprised to find out she is part of that movement, written only to justify their previously held beliefs (including the ludicrous thought about how wonderful it was back in "them good old days" when teenagers never had sex outside of marriage and listened obediently to their parents *rolls eyes*).

message 3: by a (new)

a I bet you cash money that this chick's kids get a scholarship to a cross-country university and only ever talk to her again on greeting card holidays.

Natalie (Natflix&Books) What is funny, of course, is that it is almost always the girls-and boys-who grow up in super strict households that rebel in the most extreme ways. Keeping your daughter away from books, movies, tv, the internet (seriously what do they do all day?) will do absolutely nothing to prepare her for the real world. Hopefully parents will be smart enough to take all of her advice with a grain of salt-or better yet, bypass it all together. Great review!

message 5: by Ash (new)

Ash Thanks for the laugh.

message 6: by Kyle (new)

Kyle This woman clearly has some messed up view of men to believe "all men are rapists." Never once in my life have I given my girlfriend roofies or made her way too drunk to think and wanted to/tried to rape her. Why that crap alone was published makes my mind spin.

Saying Disney makes killers is practically saying the whole freakin is going to run into the streets and start shooting up buildings. O.o

message 7: by Missy (new)

Missy LaRae This book seems seriously F*^%&d up.

Thanks for the review.

message 8: by Racquel (new)

Racquel so I'm reading your review, getting angrier by each word then I read this "Individuality is bad, conformity is good." and now I'm fuming. I salute you for even getting through the first page of this book and I feel 10000% terrible for this women's kids. I'm going to go lock myself up in the attic now... I don't want to get murdered! (clearly the women hasn't heard of YOLO.... haha)

message 9: by Racquel (new)

Racquel Kyle wrote: "This woman clearly has some messed up view of men to believe "all men are rapists." Never once in my life have I given my girlfriend roofies or made her way too drunk to think and wanted to/tried t..."

I wonder if she actually has kids herself. If she does then she must have a husband herself. Is he a rapist too since he clearly falls under the "Men are the enemy/all men are rapists." category since he's a man. Why is he an exception? seriously, what a ridiclous lady.

message 10: by Rose (last edited May 15, 2012 07:34PM) (new) - added it

Rose I'm really glad that I passed on this when I saw it on NetGalley (and I read a lot of non-fiction books). I honestly didn't know the content of this book until reading your review. Thank you.

message 11: by Kyle (new)

Kyle @Racquel: Like Tatiana said, she's clearly missing some marbles.

message 12: by Nataliya (new) - added it

Nataliya I feel so sorry for this woman's children. They will need years and years of therapy at some point in their lives.

Emily May She does have kids. And they are perfect little angels who read all the right books and are all perfectly happy, successful and well-adjusted. Of course.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

message 14: by Jesus (new)

Jesus Saldivia She must be related to the grandma from 'Flowers in the attic'.

Emily May Jesus wrote: "She must be related to the grandma from 'Flowers in the attic'."

Ah, I knew she reminded me of someone.

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

So she cuts them off from anything in the real world? Do you know how shocked this girl will be when she is released out to live her life? How about, instead of sheltering your child, you talk to her.
The conformity issue really makes me want to vomit. That is horrible. So horrible.

Emily May How about, instead of sheltering your child, you talk to her.

I couldn't agree more.

message 18: by pdbkwm (new)

pdbkwm Just wondering, did she have a chapter or two about raising your sons properly so they are not the enemy?

Emily May No, but she has a son herself and often uses him as an example of a perfect child. It's one rule for Ms Brown and another for everyone else, it seems.

message 20: by Rose (new) - added it

Rose Barbara wrote: "Pat Brown is a "criminal profiler" in the loosest sense of the term. I read an advance copy of a book on profiling by her years ago and she's arrogant and self-aggrandizing. None of what you're s..."

That explains a lot of things. :(

message 21: by B0nnie (new)

B0nnie ugh "How to Save Your Daughter's Life" promises everything and delivers nothing. Thanks Emily for writing this detailed analysis.

message 22: by Tintaglia (new)

Tintaglia I think someone mistook the title before publishing.
It originally was "How to rise your Normie Bates".
Now I'm goig to request it.
I'll NEED it if my husband insists on having children.
...oh, wait! I met him during a Dungeons and dragons session! I'm a lost woman.

message 23: by Tintaglia (new)

Tintaglia Emily wrote: "She does have kids. And they are perfect little angels who read all the right books and are all perfectly happy, successful and well-adjusted. Of course.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!"

Yes, but what are the right books?
I mean, obviously not contemporary fiction, but also classics present "problems": Anne of Green Gables? Abandoned child, romance and death; Little Women? again. Plus Jo is a rebel; Dickens [he's not for children, but for decades he was read by them]: I shudder at the thougth...
I want a bibliography of "right" books!

message 24: by Megan (new)

Megan Take a look at the other books this woman has written. Clearly, she has a fascination with depravity found in society and has no problem glorifying horrorible acts.

Her choice of books to write, coupled with the extreme repression and seclusion suggested in "How to Save Your Daughter's Life" speaks volumes about her as a person. Wouldn't you love to see the skeletons in her closet?

message 25: by HєllyBєlly (new) - added it

HєllyBєlly Thank you for this excellent review.
I think this book is full of scary stuff.
Recently, I listened to a report about women in the new parliament in Egypt. They have put forward that the marriageable age of girls should be lowered to 16 and that FGM (female genital mutilation) should no longer be punishable crime. WOMEN are suggesting this.
I know that the author is not advocating this, but - despite all the crazysauce advice about conforming and how everything and everyone is waiting to lead one's daughter astray - the underlying message I receive is that girls should be demure, passive and chaste in order to be of value.
It frightens me.

message 26: by rameau (new)

rameau If hymen equals to respect and she, the author, doesn't have one (or did she have her children through immaculate conception) why should anyone respect her opinion and what this book says?

Oh, I forgot, education comes through rape in marriage. Since all men are rapists, her husband (she must have one, right) and the father of her children (presumably) is one too.

I could go on and on, but my brain is about to implode.

Also, I loved this line:
"Yeah, it was kinda stupid for Bella to become a vampire and give up chocolate forever-"

message 27: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Okay, wow, that's...I mean...what is this I don't even.

I really just don't have a single coherent word for this.

message 28: by Clair (new) - added it

Clair What the actual hell? This sounds like my aunt. My cousins have been home schooled all their life and if they want to talk to you, they have to whisper to their parents first, who then relay the message out loud. And they're not allowed to have any friends outside of who their parents approve of, and... good god, my aunt and uncle aren't exactly spring chickens. My grandmother worries so much for those girls, because what will happen in the future? They can't hide behind their parents all their life, you know?

message 29: by Maya (last edited May 16, 2012 03:22AM) (new)

Maya I am baffled that people like this author are alive, today, in a first world country ... and actually in positions of influence. We are so on our way back to the middle ages (when people obviously were very happy and long-lived and women had extremely secure lives).

Of course, if you put your daughter in a cage, it will be hard for anybody to rape or kill her, apart from yourself, who has the key to her cage and are able to kill her (character, emotions) on the inside. (Which reminds me of that poor girl in A Certain Slant of Light.)

Too bad that she seems to conveniently forget the issue of marital rape and domestic violence (which I believe actually concerns a larger or at least equal number of women than those who are attacked on the street).

Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews this book is actually really, really scary!

I have two daughters and two sons. I have gone to self-defense classes with my oldest daugther, so that she can defend herself if anyone ever tries to attack her! That is what is important IMO.

Also, boys need to learn that no means no, and parents need to both show and tell them this.

I don't see what she is trying to learn her daughters at all, except the fact that they are to be dependant on their future husands, with no life of their own.

Also, it is kind of strange to me that she mentioned all the men who could possibly rape her daughters - but both priests and biological fathers were missing from her list...

message 31: by Jessica-Robyn (new)

Jessica-Robyn I can't even begin to describe how terrifying this woman is. To do that to your own daughters must constitute some sort of mental break. This need she has to shelter them and force such moronic conformity upon them is not giving them any sort of opportunity to grow and learn as people. My god! There is just so many things wrong with this I could go on forever!

However, the one thing I do want to mention is on the topic of the whole home-schooling thing. I think that she hasn't exactly done her research (not surprising). I'm home-schooled (as part of an online program so admittedly it may not be the exact thing this woman does) and I've learned a few very important things about other home-schooled students.

Firstly, my opinion is that a student shouldn't be home-schooled if they don't have a valid reason for not attending a traditional school.

Secondly, some of those reasons for not attending school that I've learned over the years are: travel, illness, athletics training, a student has been expelled, a student has a criminal record, is receiving treatment for addiction, or because normal schools just won't let them through the front door any more.

I've run into more criminally inclined kids through my program then I think I ever could have attending a normal school. So although the least offensive compared to her other preachings, perhaps suggesting that home-schooling = wholesome should be reconsidered. Some mothers are about to get one hell of a shock if they sign there kid up to be homeschooled and that girl runs into Pixie, the drug dealer on strict probation while taking exams.

message 32: by MLE (new)

MLE So angry, words are failing me.


message 33: by Missy (new)

Missy LaRae I have a very good friend who home schools her oldest daughter who is 13 because she's been bullied to the point of physical assaults at school.

While I completely agree with her decision to home school her daughter and would support any decision she makes I wish she would also enroll her in self defense classes and courses which would teach her to respect herself and how to defend herself against others and demand respect from others.

I also have another friend who home schools 3 of her 5 children (the youngest 2 are not old enough yet) and they are active in the community and all around great people and their kids are pretty well behaved, boisterous, and happy kids. They let their kids participate in every sport imaginable, and encourage them to have friends.

This book is more and more disturbing to me the more I think about it.

message 34: by Sudhakar (new)

Sudhakar Your anger is justified and adorable. What a rotten sounding book and message.The lives of girls and women in the properly religious countries she wishes to emulate are clearly wonderful and safe. The men there really respect them, when they're not beating, raping and killing them.
Women in the 1800's definitely weren't sluts but many were infected with syphilis and other std's from their husbands who had been with prostitutes.

message 35: by Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker (last edited May 17, 2012 07:04PM) (new)

Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead This is absolutely ridiculous. On May 27th, 2007, I was attacked by 4 guys in a parking lot. According to this author, I deserved it. I mean, I was out at night (10:30pm- putting groceries in my car- walmart parking lot), so it must be my fault. Of course, it must also be the Sheriff's fault that was murdered by one of my assailants when he chased him down after recognizing him from the sketch (4 months later).

If only I was home-schooled, never left the house, never watched naughty tv, never read naughty books, never shopped, I would be fine and a sheriff would be alive according to this author!

Emily May The woman seriously has a screw loose somewhere, Michelle. I'm really sorry you had to go through something like that and it's ridiculous that this woman is going around trying to pin the blame on the victims.

Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead Emily wrote: "The woman seriously has a screw loose somewhere, Michelle. I'm really sorry you had to go through something like that and it's ridiculous that this woman is going around trying to pin the blame on ..."

Thanks Emily, I'm sorry you had to read this!

message 38: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie How appalling. It's truly scary that there are an abundant amount of people in this world that wholeheartedly believe the same things as this woman.

Spider the Doof Warrior What the pine scented pony fecal matter is this woman ON?!

message 40: by Alyson (new)

Alyson Miers It's fascinating that this book exists. Does she say, specifically, that if you're not a church-going family, your daughter deserves to be raped (or simply have no friends at all), or does she just leave the implication in plain sight?

Emily May No, that's only implied. But she does say that non-homeschooled/non-religious children cannot be trusted around your daughter and will lead her down a path that could get her raped in later life.

message 42: by Midnight (new)

Midnight *face goes red* How dare she! How dare she tell me because i'm a woman/girl I need to shut up and go to the kitchen! If i want to be weird then damn it i will be. If i want to read my romance/sex books then i shall! If i had this lady as a mother I would go ballistic. How dare she tell me i should stay in the house not doing anything. This make me love my mother even more than i did. Yes she has put restrictions on me but she lets me be my own person have my own religion, friends, and oh my gosh my own choices...*deep breath* ok i'm better now :P oh and I liked your review Emily :)

message 43: by Experiment BL626 (new)

Experiment BL626 Oh my goddess, this book...

message 44: by MLE (new)

MLE Synesthesia wrote: "What the pine scented pony fecal matter is this woman ON?!"

Oh my SMFPU I love how you phrased that!

Was just reading a mystery set in the Victorian era, and realized just how little this woman knows of the past especially when I came to that part when the age of consent in 1850 was 12 years old. Maybe if she actually knew something about the real past, and not just her candy coated nostalgia she would think before she writes.

message 45: by MLE (new)

MLE Barbara wrote: "Emily wrote: "Synesthesia wrote: "What the pine scented pony fecal matter is this woman ON?!"

Oh my SMFPU I love how you phrased that!

Was just reading a mystery set in the Victorian era, and rea..."

One of those, why am I not surprised.

message 46: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra I am appalled to see that it's seemingly okay for people to continue to blame the victim.

This woman is so far off her rocker, it ain't funny. And shit like this gets published? This is just as bad as the people who promote "Healing Homosexuality" or those that believe two people in love shouldn't be allowed to get married, just because they don't fit the 'norm'.

It's all horseshit. The perpetrators of crimes are to blame. Not the victims. No woman deserves to be raped because she chooses to wear a short skirt and high heels. No still means no.

And not all messages from the TV, movies or books are bad.

message 47: by MLE (new)

MLE Sandra wrote: "I am appalled to see that it's seemingly okay for people to continue to blame the victim.

This woman is so far off her rocker, it ain't funny. And shit like this gets published? This is just as b..."

Her blame the victim mentality truly infuriates me especially having known women who have been victims of sexual violence. It's 2012, and to have people trying to drag us back to the "try not to get raped" rather than the "do not rape" mentality is absurd.

It always strikes me that these sort of people talk about women as being subservient, but then as being responsible for men’s sexual responses to them. Women have to conceal themselves because men cannot control themselves, and then they are women are responsible for inciting in a sexually manner. It seems to me to be a contradiction in terms if women are to be subservient to men (in these conservative dogmas) why then are they afforded sole power over and responsibility for men’s sexual responses. Just something I’ve been mulling over for some time.

message 48: by Elspeth (new) - added it

Elspeth Words fail me on how disgusting this woman’s views on rape are to me.
She is using it as an excuse to be able to mold her children into what she wants them to be.
Rape or molestation is one of the most horrible things that could happen to your child, and I say CHILD not daughters. Rape is about power, not sex, so no matter what gender your child is parents should be careful.
It has nothing to do with what YOU wear, or how YOU act, all the fault lies with the PREDITOR who commits the crime.
No means no, PERIOD!

message 49: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Wow. What an awesome review and what awesome comments. Don't know if anyone else noticed that Pat Brown gave this piece of shit five stars. Wow. Ballsy.

Emily May Thank you, Tracy :)

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